Letter to the Editor: An Invitation to the First in a Series of Programs by SEPAC, Bedford’s Special Education Parents Advisory Council

 ~ Submitted by Sheila Mehta-Green Ph.D., Co-Chair SEPAC

Bedford Special Education Parents Advisory Council (SEPAC) invites the community to the launch of our “Lenora Campoli SEPAC Speaker Series, “Why Will No One Will Play With Me?” delivered by Caroline Maguire, M.Ed. ACCG, PCC, on November 3, 2021, at 7 PM in the JGMS Auditorium. All are welcomed, there is no fee to attend, masks are required.

One of the challenges with our single school structure is the limited opportunities to establish new social cohorts as our students progress through K-12.  This can be challenging for all students, but in particular to those students in Special Education and especially students with social challenges.  For students who don’t have an identified social group during their time at Lane, their social connection options diminish significantly while they are at JGMS and BHS.

Every month during our SEPAC meetings, this topic comes up, from concerned and heartbroken parents, which starts in Davis and goes all the way through BHS. The challenges are in school, outside of school, and in our community.  The range is vast from recess inclusion, playdates, birthday parties (not getting invited to any and no one coming to your party), Rec program inclusion, school clubs, having someone to sit with at lunch and the list goes on.

We continue to make progress each year, but we still have a lot of students who are struggling to make social connections.  Lack of social connections can negatively affect academic performance and increase anxiety and depression.

Bedford SEPAC welcomes our entire community to come together, to learn about how we can help all our students find their social group and be connected members of our community.

We hope to see you at the speaker series on November 3.

About our Speaker

Caroline is the author of the award-winning book, Why Will No One Play With Me?, the winner of the Best Parenting and Family Book 2020 as awarded by American Book Fest. She is the founder of a comprehensive SEL training methodology for parents, clinicians, and academic professionals on how to cultivate emotional regulation, emotional intelligence, social awareness, and responsible decision-making skills.  https://carolinemaguireauthor.com

About our Speaker Series

Our speaker series is named in honor of Lenora Campoli. For over a decade Lenora Campoli donated her time and energy for Bedford SEPAC, an organization she cared about very deeply.  Every September on Bedford day she inspired us all by leading wheelchair basketball, auctioning items, and lighting up talking about events like the ‘Kids on the Block’ puppet show she helped drive that fostered awareness for disabilities and learning challenges, to students and educators. Her family is continuing her legacy to fundraise on behalf of Bedford SEPAC to bring inclusion and acceptance programming to our community.

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