Letter to the Editor: Select Board Public Hearing Regarding 251A Old Billerica Road ~ Monday, May 24

May 21, 2021

Submitted by Mary K. Elloian

On Monday, May 24, 2021, at 7:35 pm on Zoom, the Bedford Select Board will conduct a public hearing on a proposed development at 251A Old Billerica Road.

The Town has the Right of First Refusal to purchase this pristine 1905 vintage property and horse farm. Those who are concerned about the exploitation of this historic gem should attend and voice support for the town to acquire it.

Here is a description of the property as was advertised: https://www.coldwellbankerhomes.com/ma/bedford/251-a-old-billerica-rd/pid_39594691/

Currently, interested developers are looking to exploit this historic gem with a 16 home development, and an additional access road on an already overburdened roadway.

The property can be found on the MACRIS historical website:
https://mhc-macris.net/Details.aspx?MhcId=BED.399 <https://mhc-macris.net/Details.aspx?MhcId=BED.399>

For those who aren’t aware, this pristine historic property boasts a turn-of-the-century home with 12 acres of land. The house is situated along the winding and historic portion of Old Billerica Road.

The existing home is in pristine condition and nestled along a narrow tree-lined stand of old-growth trees amidst an agricultural landscape. An idyllic place for town excursions, and for those visiting a historic and bygone Bedford, yearning to learn about the Town’s history and its role in our nation’s history. Surely a place where history can be used to benefit the town with those who are captivated by the path of Paul Revere and Bedford’s place in American history.

As for a development, not only would such a developmental remove one of the last remaining vestiges of a rural town and its history, it would strain an already over-burdened egress and entrance to Old Billerica Road via Rt. 62 which came before the town years ago without mitigation despite the unusually large number of residents providing signatures and taking part in the public hearing.

Many residents who exclaimed their inability to timely exit the roadway due to traffic congestion due to the newly designed bottleneck created at Rt. 62 intersection of Old Billerica Road. To make matters worse, since that ‘intersection’ meeting over two years ago, the roadway at the Billerica line is now sporting a massive multi-storied mixed-use property .

Undoubtedly that hotel-sized property will be filled with occupants and visitors accessing the already overburdened, narrow and curve-filled roadway of Old Billerica Road. To make matters worse, the Bedford Fire Chief provided concern that the existing entrance to 251A Old Billerica Road does not allow proper fire access for such a large development, and clearly another access point would already overburden the existing narrow roadway.

For those who are both concerned about the exploitation of historic properties as well as concerned about the character and nature of the town, and ingress and egress from Old Billerica Road, you must attend the virtual meeting of the Select Committee and make your voices heard.

Get to the May 24, 2021 Zoom ‘Public Meeting’  of the ‘Select Board’ and sign up to take part.

Comments can be made via Zoom by raising one’s virtual hand. The public meeting for this should start at 7:35 pm.

Here are the links available from the town website under Select Board:



Bedford residents who are concerned about the preservation of antiquities as well as the preservation of this ‘rare’ historic gem, and the quality of life in town, get involved. Join the virtual meeting and take part to urge the town to Exercise its Right of First Refusal –  to PURCHASE the property. You can ‘Speak Up’ by using the ‘raise hand’ feature on Zoom.

Urge the Town to Exercise its Right of First Refusal to buy the property at 251A Old Billerica Road for the Benefit of Residents and History.

Contact selectmen https://www.bedfordma.gov/select-board and start and sign a petition to ensure your voices count!

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