Letter to the Editor: Supporting Maureen Richichi for Board of Health

March 3, 2021

Submitted by Patty & Stephen Carluccio

We are writing in support of Maureen Richichi’s candidacy for the Bedford Board of Health in the Town Election on March 13, 2021. We believe Maureen will be an effective and valuable Board of Health member who responds to the needs and concerns of our Bedford Community. She has an open mind, a broad public health background, and is willing to listen to the residents to represent their interests. We feel she will use her expertise, experience, and balanced judgment to evaluate resident input, fact-based evidence, best practices, public health guidance, and collaborate with other Town boards to make good decisions for Bedford.

We believe Maureen is the ideal person to help the Bedford Board of Health in this pandemic time and moving forward.

  • Maureen is thoughtful, collegial, and interested in working collaboratively with others on the recovery and restoration of our Community.
  • Maureen believes in and will help foster and promote a holistic approach where all factors and facets of a healthy and engaged community are considered and the overall well-being of our Community is restored.
  • Maureen has extensive public health expertise and experience with community health the primary focus of her 45-plus years as a registered nurse and a willingness and proven ability to work in large community and organizational settings to solve problems.
  • We find Maureen’s experience and professional focus with children and young adults to be extremely valuable as we attempt to restore a sense of normalcy and appropriate development to this segment of our population that has lost so much this past year.
  • Maureen believes in the “Bedford Way” of citizens participating in local government and working collegially together where differences of opinion are encouraged, discussed, tolerated, and worked through.

These continue to be concerning times. Maureen is the exact right person to help Bedford weigh all factors and make the decisions that balance hard and competing concerns.  We will be voting for Maureen and hope you will too.


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