Letter to the Editor: Supporting Chris Gittins for Planning Board

March 8, 2021

Submitted by Gyasi Burks-Abbott

I don’t know Chris well. We’ve only recently met. But I already feel an affinity. For one thing, we’re both introverts making his willingness to reach out to voters like me all the more remarkable. But, more importantly, our interests in the future of Bedford are aligned.

I fully endorse Chris’ priorities surrounding housing, mobility, local business, and climate resiliency which he elaborates upon here (https://cdn.thebedfordcitizen.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Candidate-Page-4-Planning-Board-GITTINS.pdf).

But, even more significant to me than the soundness of Chris’ ideas is his systematic approach to problem-solving. As Chris, himself, explains “facts, opinions, and the law must be harmonized in order to make good decisions.”

In addition to demonstrating a deep understanding of the challenges facing Bedford, Chris clearly sees how these challenges intersect and overlap with each other. For instance, one of Chris’ suggestions for addressing traffic congestion is to allow more housing to be built near retail areas so people can live closer to where they shop and eat out. Indeed, reducing the volume of vehicle traffic in this way would not only help with climate resiliency but also it would improve mobility and benefit local businesses.

Chris is a strategic thinker who loves Bedford and knows the issues. I’m confident he will be an asset to the Planning Board. I hope you’ll join me in voting for him either in person on March 13th or beforehand via absentee ballot.

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