Letter to the Editor: Supporting Armen Zildjian for Planning Board

March 3, 2021

Submitted by Jamieson Andrew Wright

It is with great pride that I write this letter in support of Armen Zildjian for Planning Board member.

I’ve known Armen both personally and professionally for almost 15 years. We worked together at two different companies and I’ve also been a client of Armen’s in his current role. Armen is a doer, a mentor, a leader by example, and the epitome of doing the right thing when nobody is looking. His ethics and the quality of work are of the highest standards.

On a personal level, Armen is a gentleman. He has style, grace, intelligence, and strength, both in character and will. He stands up for what is right, yet he’s drawn to common sense and sees the value in compromise. Armen avoids dogma and always seeks fresh ideas or perspective for solving problems. Whether or not the ideas come from him are of no consequence.

Armen is a caring citizen of Bedford who can balance the needs of history, diversity, aesthetics, family, and commerce is his decision and will always be making these for the betterment of the town, not himself. The love he has for his friends and tradition was exemplified this holiday season as he and his family went from house to house dropping off holiday baskets of food. These marvelous dishes would’ve normally been served at the Zildjian’s annual Christmas Eve party, which sadly was canceled due to the pandemic. But because of Armen (and family), many of our Christmas celebrations felt a bit more normal than expected (while social distancing and mask-wearing were still observed). And that’s the kind of generosity that is so quintessentially Armen.

It’s fitting that Armen is looking at the Planning Board, as Armen is a builder. He’s a builder of consensus, of teams, of goodwill. A builder of understanding and common goals and if elected he would be the planner and builder of a better community. I encourage everybody to vote early or on March 13 in support of Armen Zildjian as Planning Board member for our home, the Town of Bedford.

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