Lexington Food Hall ~ Opening on Maguire Road Just Over the Bedford Town Line

October 13, 2020
A new concept restaurant, Revolution Hall, will open this week on Maguire Road in Lexington


A new eatery is coming to Maguire Road in Lexington.  Seem like an interesting idea.  Here’s their press release.

Revolution Hall, a Craft Food Hall, will host opening events on October 14, 15, and 16, at their newest location 3 Maguire Road near Hartwell Avenue in Lexington.

Food Halls are a new way to dine, imbibe, and enjoy.  Like a food court, guests can visit one venue and choose from many options – something to eat, something to drink, and something to do.  Unlike a food court, all the offerings come from one entity, in this case, Craft Food Hall, and restaurants in each town have a different name.  The newest location in Lexington, opening next week, is called Revolution Hall. The hall cooks all the food, but offers several different brands to try, including pizza (Project X Street Pizza), sous vide (Sousviderie) as well as functional nutrition and Ayurveda (Vessel). 

Known for its delicious sous vide cooking, delectable pizza created by an internationally award-winning pizza chef, and tasty functional nutrition and Ayurvedic foods, Revolution Hall will be equally known for its feeling of escape from the every day, offering pour-your-own beer and wine stations, table tennis, corn hole, and more.  The environment feels like a boutique picnic with custom made food and a strong sense of community.

Though it is impressive to open a restaurant during a pandemic, the set-up of the establishment is so Covid-friendly that it seems a perfect time for the concept. 

Revolution Hall is only one of two establishments in Massachusetts recognized as an open-air eatery.  Most of its walls are 2-story garage doors (with more windows than wall space), with indoor seating below a 20’ foot ceiling, and its outdoor seating nearly doubles what most restaurants offer.  The effect is almost like being in an indoor/outdoor tent. 

Entering, ordering, and being served is different from a traditional restaurant.  Guests select a sanitized location to sit, order using a QR code on their mobile device and, are notified to pick up food via text. Guests can refill at the beer and wine self pour station independently with a “pour card”.  Front line workers are on hand mostly to cook and focus on customers’ needs. 

All the usual Covid precautions will be taken, masks will be required (and provided if necessary) and social distancing will be implemented. 

When asked about the greatest challenge to opening a new location, Managing Partner Gardy Desrouleaux says, “How to make everyone happy and maintain stability.”

An experienced restauranteur, Desrouleaux has been involved in over 60 locations for one well-known franchise, as well as other restaurants in Boston. He was encouraged to partner with Craft Food Hall founders, Doug and Melissa Ferriman, who launched the concept years ago, initially as uniquely an amenity concept but now with a broader audience focused on being the first Sous Vide Food Halls and venues that focus on the ultimate experience.

Craft Food Halls are eateries that offer Sous Vide, street pizza, as well as functional and Ayurvedic options in a large open space.  Locations are in Lowell (opened in 2017), two in Waltham (opened 2019), and Lexington (opening this month), with a location planned in Boston for 2021

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