Hot (and Dry) Days for Honeybees

August 13, 2020

Do you see lots of honeybees at your birdbath? Or loitering around your wet laundry on your laundry line, or your dripping garden faucet?

Good news: you have a honeybee colony within 2 miles!

But WHY do you notice their abundance these days in those odd places?

Well, we are in the doggie-dog-dog days of summer. It is hot and the bees need water to cool their hives. They place tiny drops of liquid around the honeycomb cells and then they stand over them and fan with their wings, evaporating the water and thus lowering the temperature in their nest. Cool, eh? (No pun intended)

They know what they are doing.  You can help them by keeping your birdbath filled and admire them as they line up in a perfect circle around the edge of the water table, happy!  These bees are not out to sting you, while you lend them a gentle hand to keep cool and let them be.

Do you like to learn more about these bees, my favorite insects? Go to my website,, where you can watch my three short videos of “Honeybee Lessons” I made for grade school children.

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