Fawn Lake ~ Weekly Update ~August 7, 2020


The dredging machine will go into service this weekend


The Dredgit crew made significant progress this week, erecting and connecting the multiple pieces of equipment needed for the dredge operation.  The screener, shaker, conveyors, centrifuges, and dewatering tanks are all in line ready to start.

Additionally, the weed harvester has made several passes across the lake to cut and remove the water lilies in preparation for the dredge operation.  This alone has made a significant visible improvement to the lake.  Approximately 50 cubic yards of aquatic vegetation has been cleared.

We anticipate dredging to begin this weekend.  The anchor barge will be secured in the middle of the lake as a guide for the equipment to keep on track with each pass through the sediment.  The material will be pumped to shore through 6-inch diameter pipes, screened, dewatered, and stockpiled in the storage crib.  Trucking will begin once the storage crib is full. The initial estimate is 8 to 10 truckloads per day, starting at 8 am, with the last load going out around 5 pm.

The subcontractor for the dam has also started to deliver equipment for site preparation for the dam replacement.  Once the site is cleared, steel sheeting will be delivered;  the dam work will take about two months to complete.

As previously noted, the trails through both worksites are currently closed.  Please do not enter the areas, even after work hours.  The cables, uneven ground, loose materials, and heavy equipment make the areas unsafe for the general public. There are alternate trails that provide pedestrian access around Fawn Lake without having to cross through the two construction zones.

Please refer to the numerous reports available on the Town’s website which document the history of the project and the current construction plans.  Future editions will include current progress and expected work for the upcoming period.

Clouds reflected on the surface of Fawn Laki
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