Micropaving of Several Bedford Roads to Begin Wednesday, July 22

The Town of Bedford will begin micropaving work on North Road, Concord Road, and Page Road (from Old Billerica Rd to the Lexington town line) tomorrow, Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

The work will involve adjusting structures (drains, manhole covers), some patching, and two layers of micro pavement. The work will be done in phases over each of the areas and is expected to last approximately 3 weeks. Police will be present during this work but some delays and lane closures can be expected.

According to Public Works Engineer Adrienne St. John the work is a pavement preservation technique, rather than the roadway reconstruction method we did last year on Great Road from Loomis Street heading west was called Cold In-Place Recycling.

Micropaving is the application of a thin overlay (roughly a half-inch) used on roads that are about 10- to 12-years-old and slightly worn but still structurally sound. The process is intended to extend the life of a roadway several years before a complete road reconstruction process is needed.

The pre-work done earlier this year included crack sealing and some minor patching. Part of the current process will involve and raising any castings (manholes or water boxes)  that might be too low.

Micro-surfacing application, including sufficient time for the material to cure, allows traffic to drive on the new surface in less than an hour, another benefit when paving our main roadways.

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