Letter to the Editor: A Thought for Sunday Morning

Submitted by Jeff Hoyland

Many of you are aching to return to church during these weary times.
Many of you are aching to give long, warm, hugs to friends and family.
Many of you are aching to cradle a newborn family member but cannot.
Many of you, in your times of despair, are asking – God, where are you?

I can tell you that God is not in heaven, right now.
God has been overwhelmed by the number of prayers of people asking for help and comfort.
So. I’ll tell you where God is.

God is here on Earth. And I’ll tell you where to look.

God is in the eyes of supermarket workers, who have a thousand-yard stare as they work tirelessly stocking a shelf.
God is in the fingers of children making chalk art drawing in their neighborhoods, to put a smile on people’s faces.
God is in the tender lips of nursing home workers who comfort dying patients because their family members have been banned from entering the building.
God is in the tired feet of hospital support staff, who keep the hospitals running even though their faces will never be broadcast on TV of social media.
God is in the back of people hunched over sewing machines making PPE mask, gowns, and faceshields for people they will never meet.
God is in the arms of long-truckers who make sure that goods make it across the country.
God is in the hands of millions of volunteers filling boxes and bags with free food so parents who can feed their families.
God is on the sweat laden brows of restaurant employees making free meals to donate away.
God is busy shining love and hope in the hearts and souls of people who think – I don’t have to do this, but I’m going to do it anyway.
God is in the “thumbs-up” of people delivering packages to neighbors who are trapped at home during this pandemic.
So, to everyone who is helping God answering prayers, here is the thumbs up from me.

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