2019 Bedford High School Awards Ceremony: The Full List

BHS Awards Night, 2019 ~ The Seniors ~ Courtesy image (c) Lorene Vieira Simoneau, 2019 all rights reserved – Click to view larger image

By Ben Oleksinski

Faculty, friends, and family crowded the Bedford High School auditorium late Thursday night for the presentation of the annual BHS Academic Awards. Students from each grade were given awards for exemplary merit not just in class, but also for leadership, extracurricular activities, and their contributions to the school community.

“This time in May, the attention is on the seniors, but tonight it’s nice to celebrate the ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders and their outstanding accomplishments as well,” said BHS Principal Heather Galante in her opening remarks.

The winners of senior class and underclassman awards are listed separately.


Massachusetts Superintendent’s Academic Award
Georgia Pitner & Christopher Wirth

NHS Service Award
Noah Southard

Kevin Connolly Award
Hezeklah Richards

Martha Hoo Award
Samantha Gallant

Karen Frank Award: Generosity of Spirit
Emma Ferrari

Paula Verrier Award
Christian Ruiz

Jake and Maureen Sullivan Award
Madeleine Siegal

Ann Milligan Memorial Award
Husna Nansubuga

Aerospace Science Honor Award
Alessandra Ramiez

Visual Arts Dedication & Commitment Award
Zoe Ellen & Allison Milano

Art Department Honor Award
Jeremiah Dotson & Jessica Johnson

English Dedication & Commitment Award
Emmett O’Brien

English Honor Award
Samantha Gallant

Creative Writing Award
Charlie Anderson

Journalism Award
Chloe Byun

Language Opportunity Coalition (LOC) Biliteracy Achievement Award
Omar-Karim Al-Adhami, Nathan Armstrong, Mia Bernstein, Tyler Clachar, Madison Cohen, Adrianna Dello, Nicholas Fhu, Maxwell Goldman, Evan Graf, Benjamin Linden, Ronan Loughlin, Ian MacPhee, Conor Murphy, Mary Reyling, Kiran Sheth, Julia Simoneau, Anne Williams

Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy Award
Charlie Anderson, Agustin Busse, Martha Haviland, Max Hon-Anderson, Bernice Lai, Zeno McConnell, Julia Palazzo, Mason Shalick, Kathryn Winkler, Sylvia Yan

Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy Award (with Distinction)
Chloe Byun, Kai Dyer, Anastasia Fotis, John Giaquinto, Kristen Hekimian, Jessica Johnson, Chloe Lai, Eleanor Lowen, Riya Patel, Georgia Pitner, Lucy Santiago, Gabriel Sechkin, Taylor Simons, Christopher Wirth, Fiona Wolckenharr, Benjamin Woodward

World Language Dedication & Commitment Award
Mary Reyling

World Language Honor Award
Spanish: Christopher Wirth
French: Omar-Karim Al-Adhami
Latin: Anne Williams
Department: Taylor Simons

Mathematics Dedication & Commitment Award
Samantha Gallant

Business Education Honor Award
Nathaniel Brown

Mathematics Honor Award
Ronan Loughlin

Performing Arts Honor Award
Christopher Wirth

Health and Physical Education Honor Award
Cameron Lane

Family & Consumer Science Honor Award
Allison Kranz

Science Dedication & Commitment Award
Matthew Carluccio

Computer Science Award
Spencer Stevens

Technical Education Honor Award
Christopher Voong

Drafting Award
Chloe Lai

Robotics Award
Christopher Voong

Environmental Award
Omar-Karim Al-Adhami

Science Honor Award
Chloe Lai

Social Studies Dedication & Commitment Award
Brooke Shamon

Daughters of the American Revolution History Scholar Award
Chloe Lai

Louise S. Davis Award
Samantha Gallant

Social Studies Honor Award
Eran Zelixon

DCL Sportsmanship Award
Danielle Clement & Christian Ruiz

Buccaneer Award
Panayiotis Kapanides & Kathryn Winkler

Ned Spellman Memorial Award
Joelle DeLia & Panayiotis Kapanides

Jay F. Porter Memorial Award
Matthew Carluccio

The Helen Gfroerer Award
Kara Shelmire

Hall of Fame Awards
Omar-Karim Al-Adhami, Oliver Alvarado, Charlie Anderson, Meghan Barnes, Madison Belbute, Mia Bernstein, Michael Buonopane, Chloe Byun, Erin Cahill, Matthew Carluccio, Danielle Clement, Madison Cohen, Adriana Dello, Kai Dyer, Katherine Eliason, Zoe Ellen, Mallory Ferland, Elias Forey, Anastasia Fotis, Maxwell Goldman, Kyungchul Ha, Kyle Harrington, Kristen Hekimian, Jessica Johnson, Nathaniel Kang, Kaitlin Kean, Karin Koha, David Lach, Bernice Lai, Chloe Lai, Ronan Loughlin, Madison Louis, Morgan Louis, Eleanor Lowen, Lauren Murphy, Ryan Ouellete, Riya Patel, Georgia Pitner, Cameron Rackey, Lucy Santiago, Mason Schalick, Gabriel Sechkin, Jasper Shapiro, Kara Shelmire, Madeleine Siegal, Julia Simoneau, Taylor Simons, Noah Southard, Spencer Stevens, Alphina Thopurathu, Christopher Voong, Micah Warren, Anne Williams, Christopher Wirth, Fiona Wolckenhaar, Benjamin Woodward, Sylvia Yan


Brown University Book Award
Anya Wintner

Dartmouth College Book Award
Nicole Hebert

Harvard University Book Award
Alex Barga & Lily Nemirowsky

High Point University Book Award
Swetha Susaria

Saint Michael’s College Book Award
Alex Oleksinski & Olivia Lee

Wellesley College Book Award
Ella Cicone

William and Mary College Book Award
Jonathan Pierre

Aerospace Science Honor Award
Nathaniel Linden (9th), Ryan Doucette (10th), Ellie Higel (11th)

Dedication & Commitment to Art Award
Cynthia Li & Leah Wolk (9th), Ashley Cooper (10th), Michelle Voong (11th)

Art Award
Rachel Klein (9th), Lily Barsa-Thompson & Katherine Kranz (10th), Malachy Wright (11th)

Art All State
Aaliya Valentine & Malachy Wright (11th)

English Dedication & Commitment Award
Jake Silva (9th), Willa Potter (10th), Madison Ellsworth & Olivia Roscoe (11th)

English Award
Heather Anderson (9th), Caitlin Connors (10th), Lily Nemirowsky (11th)

World Language Dedication & Commitment Award
Tomas Juarez (9th), Ryan Doucette (10th), Alan Wang (11th)

World Language Award
Spanish: Heather Anderson (9th), Tomislav Zovko (10th), John McCulloch (11th)
French: Audrey Mense (9th), Jillian Guetersloh (10th), Emily Sollecito (11th)
Latin: Suzie Marcus (9th), August Huber (10th), Adam Lovy (11th)

Mathematics Dedication & Commitment Award
Kate Eichburg (9th), Lindsay Shamon (10th), Sigrid Flender (11th)

Mathematics Award
Michael Pearson (9th), Brendan Coyne (10th), Christopher Venuti (11th)

Business Award
Ariel Navon (9th), Caitlin Connors (10th), Makayla Marrs (11th)

Performing Arts Dedication & Commitment Award
Insun Hong (9th), Brendan Coyne (10th), Thomas Griffin (11th)

Performing Arts Honor Award
Vocal: Heather Anderson (9th), Tomislav Zovko (10th), Elizabeth Connell (11th)
Band: Colin O’Toole (9th), Aidan Crotty (10th), Angela Jeon (11th)
Orchestra: Isabella Fernald (9th), Leah Methratta (10th), Madelyn Anderson-LaPorte (11th)

Health and Physical Education Honor Award
Luis Gabe Martinez (9th), Raven Colon (10th), Michelle Voong (11th)

Family & Consumer Science Honor Award
Sara Wirth (9th), Taylor Lewis (10th), Anaise Gaillard (11th)

Science Teacher Recognition Award
Anyanna Rainis (9th)

Technical Education Awards
Manufacturing: Jack Workman
Robotics: Ryujin Mullins
Drafting: Annie Bernstein

Science Department Honor Award
Physics: Isabella Fernald
Chemistry: James Brosgol
Biology: Hanzalah Ishaaq

Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award
Lily Niemirowksy

Rensselaer Medal
Cole Parks

STEM Leadership Book Award
Lauren Abraham

Social Studies Dedication & Commitment Award
Vincent Kofie (9th), Fahad Aiden (10th), Madelien Broyard & Joleen Ricci (11th)

Social Studies Excellence Award
Suzie Marcus (9th), Emily Kociubes (10th), Anya Wintner (11th)

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