It’s a Challenge: We Got A Match!

By Gene Kalb, for The Bedford Citizen

Blame it on the high school musical, Fiddler on the Roof, …matchmaker, matchmaker find me a match… Maybe not – but – We Got A Match!

We’re very excited. A generous donor has challenged you: raise $5,000 by May 31 – they will match it dollar for dollar. That means if you, yes you, donate $100 – The Bedford Citizen will get $200.   Or another example, if you give $150, The Citizen would get $300. You get it!

We know you read The Bedford Citizen (you’re reading this). We have readers who love The Citizen, love the coverage of local issues, love our coverage of elections and town meeting, love how we cover the local sports, love how we explain things we see, love our warped sense of humor in the Scallion, love our instructional recycling pieces, love our coverage of Bedford day. …. But have yet to crossover to help us financially.

Well, if you were waiting for a good time – It’s now. Your gift will go twice as far!

Win. Win. Win!

The Bedford Citizen is a new model for local news It’s critical. The old model of local news no longer works. That’s why we do this, The Bedford Citizen’s Reasons for being. Part of the new model depends on your support. We need everyone to participate and now is the best time.

This is our first challenge match, let’s knock it out of the park and encourage others to do the same.

Give what you can, (more is better) and we can double it. Do it now.

We’re on deadline ~ Thanks!

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