A Message from The Bedford Citizen: Supporting Freedom of the Press

August 16, 2018

By The Bedford Citizen’s Executive Board

The Bedford Citizen joins with our colleagues at the Boston Globe and hundreds of newspapers across the country in defending freedom of the press. Click this link to read the Globe’s article.

The press is not “the enemy of the people.”  On the contrary, the right of journalists to seek out the truth and to report on that truth is the bedrock of our nation. It’s called the First Amendment.

In a small, tight-knit community such as Bedford, we are blessed to enjoy trust in our town governance and in the people who give time and energy to make Bedford a safe and pleasant place to live.

In its everyday reporting, The Citizen strives to tell a balanced and truthful story about town affairs.  True, we are only a very small ripple in a sea of journalism but our actions count. We may not be able to influence national or international issues but we have a responsibility to focus clearly on the problems and challenges at hand in our small world.

Yes, we may make mistakes but we will gladly own up to error, should it occur.

We perceive no immediate threat to the work we do every day. But the lessons of history tell us to guard zealously our freedom to write and report on events freely.  Erosion of the free press often begins at a very local level.

The Internet has dramatically changed the business models for the press. Many excellent newspapers have closed and more are struggling. To the extent you can, support the news sources you use – local, regional, and national – by subscribing. If you read it, pay for it.

There are two steps you can take to ensure The Bedford Citizen continues to be a community resource

  • Register for a free subscription to The Bedford Citizen to demonstrate that you value the work we do to provide community information and connections. And to be sure that you see everything we publish, not just what Facebook or Twitter chooses to include in your feed.
  • Donate to The Bedford Citizen to ensure that press coverage of the Bedford community continues.
or mail your contribution to
The Bedford Citizen, Post Office Box 212, Bedford, MA  01730
The Bedford Citizen is a 501(c )3 nonprofit organization so your donation is tax deductible
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