Creativity and Innovation in the Bedford Public Schools

March 24, 2017

By Donna Clement
Director of Technology and Library Media for the Bedford Schools

Image (c) Bedford School Department, all rights reserved

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a scientist and explore the solar system?  Are you curious about the work done by aeronautical engineers who design, build and launch rockets?  Have you imagined the possibility of creating a colony on Mars? Many of the students at the Davis and Lane Elementary Schools have entertained these ideas through active engagement in creative and innovative explorations of our solar system.

Mission to Mars is an ongoing theme of the Davis School’s Library Makerspace.  The idea grew out of students’ interest in our solar system. Students take on the roles of astronauts, engineers, and scientists through active engagement in Mission to Mars projects.  The solar system is also a focus of the 5th grade science curriculum.  As part of an end of unit assessment, students worked in groups to program Sphero robots to represent the rotation and revolution of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. Click here to learn more about these projects and others.

Have you ever wanted a blank canvas in order to explore and communicate your ideas through a creative alternate means of expression?  Ever imagined what it would be like to be a Hollywood film writer, director, actor and/or producer?  Do you like to creatively solve problems and look at the world through various perspectives?  Many students at John Glenn Middle School and Bedford High School have opportunities to be innovative by creating videos as a means of telling a story or expressing an idea.

Video production promotes higher order thinking as students piece together bits of information to create a whole and creatively share their ideas with others. Some art classes at JGMS completed a unit on the elements of design.  They used iPads to capture images, further develop perspective such as depth in architecture, landscape, and interiors, and create a video that communicated their ideas as well as their understanding of content. Students in a High School Spanish class utilized the Green Screen app on their iPads to create a video that compared American homes and neighborhoods to homes and neighborhoods in Spanish-speaking countries.  Click here to learn more about these projects and others.

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