12th Annual BHS History Fair

January 27, 2017
A judge critiques the froup exhibit “Jesse Owens: Racing to Stand Against Aryan Supremacy” by Evan Comeau, Gerald Liao, Robbie Meehan, Shane Meyer, and Michael Vaughan – Image (c) Jeff ‘JHO’ Hoyland, 2017 all rights reserved – Click to view larger image

By Jeffrey ‘JHO’ Hoyland

An electronic tablet is incorporated into the group exhibit “Monuments Men: Standing for the Preservation and Restitution of Cultural Property” by Taline Dawson, Leslie Yan, and Maria Wilson – Image (c) Jeff ‘JHO” Hoyland, 2017 all rights reserved, click to view larger image

Bedford High School Juniors celebrated the 12th Annual Winter History Fair on Thursday, January 26.

This year’s theme is “Taking a Stand in History”. Students analyzed topics of historical significance and presented their conclusions in imaginative exhibits, websites, video presentations, dramatic performances, or classic research papers.  Projects are divided into individual or group research.

Students in James Sunderland’s and Patrick Culhane’s High Honors Modern History classes are expected to participate in the History Fair as part of the curriculum.

Level 4 History students are invited to History Night if their project shows outstanding merit such as the group documentary “Harvey Milk: 1970s San Francisco” by Alisha Lerra, Sienna Hoyland, Marja Hubbard, and Melanie Weber.

The following images are by Jeff ‘JHO’ Hoyland, (c) 2017, all rights reserved. Click each to see a larger image

The student projects covered a wide list of topics in both time and space.

  • “Galileo Galilei” by Nassim Ali Ahmad (Research Paper)
  • “The Boston Tea Party” by Jackson Collins & Connor Lussier (Group Exhibit)
  • “Latin American Independence: Simon Bolivar’s Failed Stand Against Spanish Imperialism” by Seren Parikh (Individual Exhibit)
  • “Charles Darwin” by Matthew Tomsicek (Research Paper)
  • “The Beginning of a Coherent Unification for Korean Nationalism: Koreans Taking a Stand Against Japanese Occupation Through the March First Movement” by Hannah Dacayanan, Mari Fay, Stacey Kwan & Christine Lee (Group Documentary)
  • “Admiral King’s Stance for Modern US Navy” by Patrick Siegler (Individual Documentary)
  • “Bayard Rustin: Taking a Stand for the Barometers of Social Change” by Shivani Angappan (Individual Website)
  • “Title IX: Taking a Stand to Level the Playing Field” by Helen Pulizzi (Individual Exhibit)
  • “The Tiananmen Square Protests” by Toby & Casey Millar (Group Website)
  • Planned Parenthood v. Casey: The Case which took a Stand for Reproductive Rights, but Brought About Unforeseen Consequences by Julia Mascoli & Helen Oustinow (Group Website)

The most anticipated project of the night was a live performance by Neil Luczai.  Neil is known for his comedic character roles in BHS plays and musicals; however, he chose a somber tone in presenting “Black Mountain College” a school known for creating avant-garde artists after the two world wars.

Projects are judged in preparation for the Central Massachusetts District Competition held on Saturday, March 4, 2017 in Oakham, MA.  Participation at the Commonwealth and National level is voluntary.

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