BHS Students Inducted into the National Honor Society

December 4, 2015

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

NHS-LOGO-TMFifty-two Bedford High School students were inducted into the National Honor Society on December 3.

Melanie Albrecht, Ava Altmann, Felicia Barber, Rachel Barbieri, Emily Barga, Kieran Binney, Maya Bostwick, Matthew Bridgeman, Madison Brown, Haroon Bukhari, Elizabeth Carter, John Coyne, Jessica Croteau, Vincent Dee, Stephen Dresel, Savannah En, Julia Gavelek, Pallavi Goel, Michelle Gong, Justin Hafer, Aaron Hamilton, Abigail Hartwell, Jacqueline Helms, Isabella Henderson, Miles Henderson, Juwon Jeon, Allison Jew, Nicole Kennedy, Alison Klein, Michelle Kupershmidt, James Levangie, Carrie Li, Mary Manning, Jeanette Manship, Stella Miller, Olivia Morrisey, Angela Mortenson, Caroline Ngooi, Obiageli Nwodoh, Grace Park, Shreya Patel, Sonia Presti, Emma Pulizzi, Ryan Rhodes, Hannah Rubin, Gillian Russell, Alina Thopurathu, David Timperio, Corinne Vient, Mykia Washington, Deborah Weidman, and Conor Wisentaner.

The current president of Bedford’s National Honor Society chapter is Lilia Zhu, the vice president is Christopher En, the secretary is Sara Milano, and the treasurer is Alex Mascoli.

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