“Ask This Old House” Visited Lane School and Helped to Build Raised Beds for the Garden

June 26, 2015
Gathering around the raised bed constructed with the help os
Hayden McAlllister, Keira Doyle, Kenny Nichol, Sam Lincoln, Faith Connolly and Suzie Marcus (l-r) gather around the raised bed constructed with the help Roger Cook of  “Ask this Old House”

By Sam Lincoln and Kenny Nichol

May 27th was an exciting day at Lane School in Bedford! Ask This Old House filmed four students (Suzie Marcus, Faith Connolly, Hayden McAllister and Keira Doyle) and some staff members planting the Lane School Garden.  The garden is an important project that the school has been working on for several years. They wanted to expand it and asked the team at This Old House to help! And they did!

We didn’t get to meet Roger Cook, the lead landscaper at Ask This Old House, but we asked him questions by email.

Here are some of the questions and answers:

Sam: What intrigued you about the Lane School Project?
Roger: I was really intrigued to learn that the garden was being integrated into the classroom curriculum and that the kids were working with seedlings inside and then seeing the results outside….and eventually the cafeteria!

Kenny: How long have you been working for This Old House?
Roger: I started working for This Old House in 1982 but became a full time cast member in 1988.

Sam: What has been the most interesting project you have done?
Roger: This one of course!

Kenny: How did you become aware of the Lane School Project?
Roger: The Lane School Green Team coordinator Jean Mickle showed up at our office and said you guys could use a hand in the Lane School Garden!

The last week of school we met with Suzie, Faith, Hayden and Keira. They won the contest to work with the crew the day of the filming. They had to submit a video, poem or essay to the Lane School team who selected the lucky students!

They talked about the excitement of being on the show…along with the very long wait for filming to start. They did say it was fun waiting as they kept busy and were eagerly waiting for the cameras to start.

As part of the project, the students had to make the garden look absolutely perfect- planting, digging up and replanting the same poor plant!  They learned how patient a person has to be to film a TV show!!

We are all very happy that Roger Cook and his team agreed to come to Lane School and help with our very special project!!

Editor’s Note: The authors are Lane School students

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