Don’t Miss Bedford’s K-12 Art Show: Something by Everyone, thru Sunday, May 3


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Mr. Preusch and some of the 'four season' trees - Image (c) JMcCT, 2015
Mr. Preusch and some of the ‘four season’ trees – Image (c) JMcCT, 2015

The halls of Bedford High School were abuzz with activity this morning as the 2015 K-12 Art Show came together.

All of Bedford’s art classes have submitted work for the 2015 comprehensive student show that begins this evening and continues through Sunday afternoon, filling the High School with amazing work.

The youngest artists work with Mr. Preusch in the kindergarten at Davis School. Among  other projects, the kindergartners drew leafless trees into styrofoam plates, then used the plates to print the trees, four times on a single sheet of paper. After the prints dried, the student artists used Q-tips and tempera paint to “dress” their trees for each of the four seasons.

Work from all four of Bedford’s schools is included in the show, with special notice to this year’s senior class artists.

Clustered in the BHS entrance, each graduating senior has created a unique display space for their work.

By the time the show opens, each of Reggie’s squares will highlight a piece of his work
Indigo Fox Tree McGrath displays drawings and ceramics
Hayley Bayen stands beside the “box of doughnuts” that earned her a Boston Globe/Scholastic Gold Key this year
Ceramics by Meghan
Lauren’s ceramics include the white, sharp-petaled vase below
Mike Mahoney’s photographs were captured on film, and printed in the BHS darkroom, and his guest book stands next to one of his fifth-grade art projects, a papier mache puppy (below)
To create a solid background for her work, Malayah spread the paint with her hands to fill all the crevices in the homosote display board.












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