Citizen’s Scholarship Foundation: Celebrating 50 Years of Awards

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CSF-2014-LogoTo begin this week’s Citizen’s Scholarship Foundation’s (CSF) awards ceremony, Dr. Eugene “Pete” Eagles presented a citation from Scholarship America, CSF’s sponsoring organization, recognizing Bedford for its 50 outstanding years, and CSF President Alice Churella thanked everyone who made the anniversary year so special.

In addition those who volunteer for and contribute to Bedford CSF/Dollars for Scholars the organization’s anniversary year was marked by a commemorative video, extensive media coverage, lively Bedford Day festivities – including the honor of having Alma Pomponi named Citizen of the Year for her work with the Phone-a-Thon an anniversary celebration featuring 93-year-old Dollars for Scholars founder Dr. Irving A. Fradkin, another successful Phone-a-Thon, a newly-established Trivia Night, and the standing-room-only awards night that filled the largest function room in the Doubletree Hilton hotel at Bedford Glen.

“This evening,” said Churella, “is a clear message to you, the graduates of 2015, that the Bedford Community supports your goals and aspirations for the future. We have great confidence in your continued success.”

Mike Rosenberg, the evening’s long-time host said, “This is the 28th year I have served as master of ceremonies. Best job in town.”

Scholarship awards were presented to the following Bedford seniors:

Megan Albrecht, Madeline Allen, Dottie Arsenault, Besher Assi, Jacqueline Baer, Lauren Banister, Allison Barnes, Gregory Barry, Thomas Bartkus, Hayley Bayen, Ryan Belson, Joshua Berenson, Madeline Berman, Rachel Bianco, Linda Bittenson, Reginald Blanchard, Elliana Boebel, Amanda Brown, Emily Brown, Jasmine Brown, Jeffrey Burke, Matthew Carella, Victoria Casey, Lukas Cevetello, Victor Chen, Anna Clerkin, Dylan Cobb, Kevin Cowles, Brianna DeJesus-Banos, Bailey DerMarderosian, Hervintz Desert, Monika Dharanipragada , John Dickinson-Meltz, Erin Dietz, Arianna Dines, Liam Doyle, Colleen Dunlea, Emma Ferguson, Brendan Flynn, Emily Foster, Indigo Fox Tree-McGrath, Savannah Fox Tree-McGrath, Taylor Fronk, Robert Gaston, Brenna Gildea, Brenna Gonsalves, Timothy Goodhue, Connor Green, George Guay, Edward Hacala, Clayton Hafer, Nathaniel Heitsch, Sarah Higgins, Abraham Huerd, Natalie Huggins, Kirstin Imsong, Rebecca Inz, Brooke Jameson, Wilnie Jean, Casandra Joseph, Matthew Judge, Mary Kalb, Neil KC , Aisling Keane, Jamal Khatib , Gabrielle Khvilivitzky, Tayana King, Lea Kriesberg, Allyson Kudenchak, Matthew Laferriere, Rory Lavery, Jeannette Lavine, Aaron Lee, Alexis Lee, April Lee, Branson Leonard, Deanna Lobo, Erica Luniewicz, Alexis Lusty , Michael Mahoney, Jenessa McCabe, Christian McNulty, Justine Morgan , Emily Moss, Abigail Munoz, Andrea Ning, Brian Nugent, Chidimma Nwodoh, Mark Paiz, Suzan Parisse, Caroline Parrella, Cora Parrish, Laura Pearson, Samantha Petri, Bryce Pierce, Jacqueline Pinney, Pakin Pongcheewin, Rebecca Reubenstein, Brianna Robinson, Chantay Robinson, Naomi Robinson, Leah Roselli, Jessica Rubin, Keara Russell, Meghan Ryan, Master Sandy, Kelly Saunders, Hayley Scanlon, Noah Schmitz, Nisa Seme, Andrew Shpyrko, Rebecca (Bo) Smith, Benjamin Sollecito, Andrew Spaulding, Eric Spector, Meghan Stanley, Holly Stygles, Alexa Vafiades, Emma Valentine, Michelle (Shelby) Wang, Alexis Wangari , Roy Watson-Badell, Jennie Weaver, Bryan Werth, Peter Whallon, Devon Wilson, Riana Wirthlin, Daniel Witte, Kin On Wong, Megan Wynters, Stephanie Yan, Connor Young, Sophia Zacharakis, and Jennifer Zhang.

About CSF
CSF of Bedford Dollars for Scholars is a volunteer community organization which provides scholarships to deserving high school graduates who plan to continue their education. It is the local chapter of Dollars for Scholars®, a national program sponsored by ScholarshipAmerica. Active in Bedford, MA since 1965, CSF of Bedford Dollars for Scholars has provided over $2 million of scholarship awards to graduating students living in Bedford, MA, on Hanscom Air Force Base, and/or attending Bedford High School. Students are selected by a chapter member committee comprising a cross-section of our community. Scholarships are awarded to students based on academic merit and financial need, who meet the scholarship criteria.

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