Blood Drive in Honor of a Student at Bedford Children’s Center: May 15 from 1 to 6 pm

An American Red Cross Mobile Donor Center bus will be at Bedford Children's Center on May 15
An American Red Cross Mobile Donor Center bus will be at Bedford Children’s Center on May 15 – Image (c)

Submitted by Daisy Girafalco, Bedford Children’s Center

It’s gorgeous weather, let’s sign up for the blood drive and give more sunny days to people fighting cancer! Please share with your friends, this is open to the public.

Bedford Children’s Center, a pre-school located at 402 Concord Road, will be holding a blood drive in honor of Sydney Mirick and her courageous battle against neuroblastoma. When asked what people can do to help and Nick (Sydney’s dad) put it so eloquently in an update. We sprung into action and got the soonest date we could for a blood mobile to come to BCC. Then we got lucky and got a date EVEN earlier! (May 15, 1-6pm)

Click Bedford Childrens Center Blood Drive Poster to learn how to sign up for the blood drive. You will have to register as a donor so call now and get your spot. It’s a very easy process to sign up and be part of the solution and support other families struggling with health issues that need blood to conquer their health issues. If you have any questions or concerns please email Daisy (my email is on this one) and I’ll be happy to help you in any way I can. LET’S FILL THAT BUS!!! (please feel free to share this with your friends and help us fill the bus!!!)

Here is Nick’s update:

Two weeks ago Sydney needed her first blood transfusion.  Later that same week we waited all day to see if we would need to rush her back to Children’s for another.  The call came late in the day that her numbers had recovered but it got us thinking how many times will we be waiting for this call and how many families and patients are always waiting for this call.   All of your blood cells get hit during chemo, because the cytotoxins attack bone marrow as well as the tumor.  This is why we have to do regular blood draws and analysis.  Red cells drop and she can become anemic.  White blood cells drop and her immune system becomes severely compromised.  Platelets drop and she will bruise easily and wont clot if she gets a cut or if her IV line is changed.  Platelets get hit particularly hard in kids undergoing chemotherapy as they don’t have the normal hormones that helps rebuild up platelet levels.

So here’s what we’re asking: Please donate blood and donate platelets.

They will likely never go to Sydney and you cannot designate a blood donation for anyone, but the donated blood and platelets are so important to so many other kids and adults whether it be cancer, an accident, surgery, etc.

Statistically speaking, 499 other kids in the US will be diagnosed with a neuroblastoma this year.  At one point or another, they will all need a blood transfusion–maybe multiple times.  Those kids may not be in as good a position as Sydney is and may not be receiving the level of care to which she has access.  That’s 499 other families praying for and hoping that kind individuals take time out of their day to donate the blood that will keep their child healthy during chemotherapy.

Bedford Childrens Center

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Alethea Yates
May 10, 2014 8:43 am

Never heard of the Bedford Children’s Center. What is it, and where is it?

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