Letter to the Editor: Supporting Mark Siegenthaler

By Bob Dorer

I write to ask you to give serious consideration to voting for Mark Siegenthaler for the Bedford Select Board this coming Saturday, March 14th during the Town Elections at the John Glenn Middle School.

In Bedford we are so fortunate to having such highly qualified candidates running for these two seats; however, I think Mark, in particular, brings an amazing breadth of experience to the job.

Over the years Mark has actively and productively participated in many town boards and committees including his previous long tenure on the Select Board.

I had the pleasure of serving with Mark back in the mid-1980’s on the Planning Board and saw from that perspective Mark’s broad grasp, dedication and commitment to ensuring all decisions were well informed and thoughtful.

Mark also brings the perspective of local, regional, and state planning through his varied professional career in local and state government and related entities.   Mark will bring to the board a deep understanding of where Bedford has been and the knowledge behind our town’s current status and evolving future plans.

Please give Mark’s responses to the League of Women Voters questions and the related available material on his background and perspectives a look and consider giving him your support.

Editor’s Note: In full disclosure, Bob Dorer is a member of The Bedford Citizen’s Board of Directors

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