Letter to the Editor: Supporting Bopha Malone

Rob Dobson and Brian Magee

We may not have managed to elect a woman for President yet, but here in Bedford we have an excellent opportunity locally, to elect a woman for Select Board in the March 14 Town Election.

Not just a woman, but a highly qualified woman. A uniquely qualified woman: Bopha Malone.

he will not be the first woman elected to the Select Board, of course, but Bopha will be a superb choice for one of the two seats currently available.

As 30-year residents of Bedford, we have seen a lot of growth and change over those years. When we met Bopha a couple of months ago, we were immediately impressed with her sincere passion for serving this always-evolving community.

She is quite simply a delight to know and a total breath of fresh air. We have observed her as she listens carefully to voters’ concerns and their individual needs. We have watched her organize her surprisingly diverse supporters as we have worked with her for a win for all of us, a real win for Bedford.

We are quite impressed at Bopha’s record as a member of the Rotary Club of Bedford, and as a board member of the Bedford Chamber of Commerce, Middlesex Community College, and Communities for Restorative Justice (C4RJ).

Add her honorable career in community banking, and it looks to us like the ideal background for someone seeking to serve Bedford as a member of the Select Board. Bedford is far more diverse than it might appear at first glance—in all kinds of ways—and we see Bopha as the perfect representative of that diversity and that strength. Please join us in voting for “Bopha for Bedford” on March 14.

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