Letter to the Editor: Supporting Bopha Malone

By Gyasi Burks-Abbottt

Working on the Bopha Malone for Select Board Campaign has been a highlight of the last few weeks. In addition to interacting with people at Candidate Coffees, I’ve also enjoyed seeing different parts of Bedford while canvassing door-to-door. Through it all, I’ve been particularly impressed with Malone’s ability to plan strategically and work collaboratively. It all started when Bopha Malone reached out to me asking for my perspective on living in Bedford. When we met for coffee, Malone listened intently to what I had to say which I might have found surprising given that I’ve only lived in Bedford for 12 years. However, the behavior I witnessed in the coffee shop that day was of a person who has a genuine interest in other people; she easily struck up a conversation with a fellow patron waiting in line and treated what they had to say as if it was of the utmost importance.

And, for Bopha Malone, what everyone has to say is important. Watching her on the campaign trail, I’ve seen how she interacts with people. She asks questions; she listens; and when she answers, she does so directly without pivoting to talking points. Like many of her supporters, I also find Bopha Malone’s personal story compelling; a Cambodian refugee who came to this country with nothing and succeeded in achieving the American Dream. But, what I find equally, if not more, commendable is Malone’s desire to “pay it forward” by channeling her experience and expertise into public service.

And, Bopha Malone would bring a great deal of experience and expertise to the Bedford Select Board. Though new to Town government, Malone is no neophyte; she’s a banker with a business degree from Lesley University, a member of the Bedford Chamber of Commerce, and a Middlesex Community College Trustee. Electing her will give Bedford the benefit of a community leader with a fresh perspective. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Bopha Malone by casting a vote for her at the Town election on March 14th.

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