Bedford High School Class of 2020 – Special Edition

A Class Like No Other, Shared by 26,407 Others

By Gene Kalb

As the Bedford High School of 2020 finishes their time at BHS in the midst of a pandemic it is truly a surreal end to the long journey to graduation. This class started their senior year in the same way as all the previous Bedford senior classes. The fall was busy with tests and college applications, and just as the fun part of being a senior was about to start, it all came crashing down. When the decision was made to close the schools in March, there was still the hope that we could return to normal. Unfortunately, not. No prom, no spoons, no all-night grad, no fill in the blank.

The Covid-19 pandemic has truly made the BHS class of 2020 unique in many ways. Unique in terms of Bedford High School, but part of a national, even international, shared experience. There are roughly 26,407 other high schools in the United States, 26,407 senior classes all in the same boat, all trying to figure it out. All had their lives take a turn to the surreal. There is a sense of community and commonality that will bind this class together forever. Has there ever been such a shared experience of an entire class? A commencement speech by a former president? Seniors appearing on TV, and so much more.

The Covid class (working title) will be defined, not for what they missed out on, but how they made new traditions, how they figured out a way to stay close all while social distancing.

It’s also a story about how our community came together to honor these students.

This is totally making lemonade out of lemons, but this class, both at BHS and throughout the country, are truly trailblazers.

We hope you enjoy this special section dedicated to you, the class of 2020, and we wish you the best to come.


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The First Time I Voted

As seniors in high school pick up their diplomas, not only are they becoming High School graduates, but for the first time they are joining the ranks of eligible voters.

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