And It Was All Yellow

June 4, 2024
Pollen in the air. Pollen on the streets. Pollen on the cars. It’s yellow everywhere! Photo Jenny Stewart

Ah, spring – birds, flowers, warm weather… You know, the good stuff.

Then there is the not so good stuff, mosquitoes, ticks, and of course the yellow cloud that descends on Bedford every June, the pine pollen.

Looking for stories on this, I did a quick search of the recent news. It’s a condition that is far from unique to New England. You can see the stories track from South to North. In mid- May, Virginia had what they were calling the “Pollenpocalypse.” It’s bad, but apocalyptic-level bad?  

One’s perception changes at the height of pollen season. For instance, I used to have a black dog, who looks different now, sort of a yellow-gray appearance until he shakes. At that point, there is a “poof” and a yellow cloud. My car looks like everyone else’s – you know, yellow. It definitely makes it harder to find in the parking lot full of yellow pollen cars. The worst part is all the pollen makes it hard to find the Kleenex. It would be great to eat outside on the porch, but … too much of a futile effort to make it pleasant at this point. Who wants pollen coating their plate full of food?

According to the experts, pine pollen does not make most people sneeze. Apparently, the pollen grains are too big. Here’s a comparison from WBZ.

Rest assured, though, that your itchy eyes and running news are not psychosomatic. Fear not, other smaller tree pollens are here to make you miserable. So the yellow haze is just annoying, okay, very, very annoying. Luckily, the season is pretty short and those same experts say all we need is a good rain to wash it all away. Queue Thursday.

One clever singer on YouTube rewrote the Coldplay song Yellow. Sort of cute.

Image: Christopher Minton Music

Video All Yellow

Don’t worry, we can all complain about the rain soon and admire the yellow puddles.

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