Transcending Boundaries: Virginia Cramer Works on Display at the Bedford Library

May 31, 2024
Virginia Cramer’s show “Transcending Boundaries,” will be on display at the Bedford Free Public Library Art Gallery during regular business hours through July 9. Photo Jenny Stewart

“Transcending Boundaries,” is the latest exhibit showcased on the walls of the Bedford Free Public Library Art Gallery. The display includes mixed media works from local artist Virginia Cramer’s collection. 

Cramer, a Brooklyn native now residing in Chelmsford, considers her artistic style “between realism and abstraction, with color and texture as primary elements.” 

“I hope the viewer will be intrigued by each piece, curious, and want to take a step closer to examine the materials and come away with a sense of joy or wonder,” she said.

The former Chelmsford Public Schools teacher finds inspiration in a range of sources including “her inner world, memories, personal history,” and nature which shows through this vibrant, colorful, and varied collection of 13 canvases.

“I love gardening and the natural world, and many pieces are inspired by time spent in the garden and hiking in the woods,” Cramer explained.

Eight of Cramer’s pieces hanging on the second-floor atrium walls show flowers, tree branches, and/or fruit. Half of those depict cross-sections of pomegranates. Cramer’s artist statement (found in the binder near the reference desk) mentions the historical significance of pomegranates in cultures, mythologies, and religions.

“After cutting open many pomegranates, I found that each has a unique arrangement of seeds, much like a fingerprint,” Cramer wrote. The collection of four pomegranate prints “can be interpreted as individuals, representing different aspects of our personalities and states of being, as well as the connections we have to the past and future.” Not to mention the pieces are interesting and attractive to look at. 

Cramer, who considers herself “a lifelong learner” of art, began creating way back with “color by number, etch-a-sketch, and painting on an easel in our basement,” before her mother started signing her up for art classes at the Brooklyn Art Museum. Decades later and now a mother herself, Cramer continues to take workshops and classes to “build my skills and learn new techniques.” 

She has also been at the head of the classroom, instructing art lessons. The former middle school art teacher has learned painting, pastels, quilting, embroidery, batiking, block printing, and mixed media across many styles, techniques, and materials throughout her career. 

“For the past 24 years, art has been a focal point of my life,” the artist explained. “Since retiring from teaching three years ago, I have been able to concentrate on my artwork and share it with the public in different venues. It gives me great joy to create and share my work.” 

“Transcending Boundaries” can be found in the Library gallery in the atrium surrounding the stairwell above the circulation desk through July 9. The gallery is free and accessible during library hours. Exhibits are made possible with the assistance of the Friends of the Bedford Free Public Library and the Arts Steering Committee. 

To learn more about the artist, view other artwork, or inquire about sales, go to

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