Town Report Covers Feature Bucolic Bike Scene

March 18, 2024
View the 2024 Annual Town Meeting Warrant Report here:

Early last fall, Nikki Taylor met a few students and parents at the Bedford Marketplace for a leisurely two-mile bike ride to Lt. Job Lane School.

As the town’s assistant director of recreation, Taylor had recently started managing the Safe Routes to School program, featuring Walk and Bike to School Day.

Riding her bike behind the group between Springs and Pine Hill Roads, Taylor stopped and, using her iPhone, “quickly took a photo. I just thought it was so cool – the kids were so into it, using the trail, getting outside, and I had to capture this.”

Now every residence can share those sentiments, as the town manager’s staff selected that photograph for the cover of both the Annual Town Meeting warrant report and the annual town report.

Each year, town departments submit photos for use inside the town report, Taylor noted, “but I didn’t expect to see it on the cover. I love it when they are able to promote our programming. And I love that photo.”

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March 18, 2024 1:55 pm

Love it. Great photo Nikki! The access to good biking was one of the reasons we moved to Bedford. Hope to support this again this year!

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