Ask Aunt Laura: A Secret to Paying Less for Spices at the Grocery Store

October 3, 2023

Ask Aunt Laura is back from hiatus!

Did you know that the International Food Aisle in your grocery store has a spice section? And did you know that those spices mirror most of what you will find in the spice section of the Baking Items Aisle? Just wait until you see the price difference between the two sections. I’m not often speechless, but this is amazing.

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Jerry Wolf
October 3, 2023 9:02 pm

For those within driving distance of West Concord, another herb/spice secret, equally little-known, is the wall of bulk herbs and spices at Debra’s Natural Gourmet. I hope it’s OK to plug one retail outlet, but I know of no other such facility in our area, so I regard it as not just a store, but a resource. Here, you scoop out as much or as little material as you want into a small plastic bag, and you pay by the ounce. Do you use a lot of basil? Scoop up a lot! Is fennel seed something you use only occasionally? Buy only a little. It’s way cheaper than buying jars at the grocery.

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