Letter to the Editor: Protect Mature Trees

Submitted by Bobbi Tornheim

With the latest U.N. “report card “ on global warming indicating an alarming lack of progress,  we locals can have a hand in doing better. Yes, planting more trees is often touted as one of the top ways of slowing and reversing climate change, but there is a hiccup within that advice. The mandate should begin with, first, “maintaining our mature trees.” It is the mature trees that are functioning right now with oxygen production, carbon dioxide removal, cooling shade, etc. 

Planting more trees, of course, is excellent advice, but we don’t have 25 to 50 years for saplings to grow up and lend a hand. Whether it is what we do on our private land, or how we shape public policy, protecting mature trees is more important than ever. 

Bobbi Tornheim is a member of the Arbor Resources Committee

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Sue Mildrum
September 19, 2023 8:47 am

Excellent points. A number of mature trees have been removed along parts of Crescent Avenue in recent years and it is astonishing how hot it is to walk there compared to treed streets nearby. Taking down a mature tree should be the last resort.

Patty Dahlgren
September 18, 2023 9:37 pm

Thank you Bobbi! Really great point. Tree Power!!

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