Letter to the Editor: Parent Grateful for School Music Program

Submitted by Christine Anderson

As a parent of two Bedford High School graduates and one soon-to-be BHS freshman, I am so grateful for the outstanding music and performing arts programs available to our students. Whether it’s marching band, orchestra, music classes at the 2 elementary schools, musical theater and stage productions, etc., there are so many incredible opportunities for students in Bedford. Each of my children participated in many of these opportunities and it enhanced their public education experiences in ways that will stay with them forever. The mission of the performing arts program sums up what they do so well: 

“The Bedford Public Schools Performing Arts Program exists to foster cooperation, imagination, confidence, discipline, and self-motivation in students through creating, performing, connecting with and evaluating performing arts so that all students realize their artistic potential and become lifelong patrons of the arts.”

None of this would be possible without adequate funding in the town and school budgets for these programs, but the greatest factor contributing to the program’s special impact is the committed and devoted music faculty. Each teacher not only does his/her job but goes above and beyond. They get to know each student as individuals, supporting them while challenging them to work harder and be their best. The teachers care about them as people -whether they are going be a professional musician or whether they are just happy playing or singing from the back row.

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You often hear that a key to student success is having one adult with whom a student makes a meaningful connection and receives support and guidance. I have no doubt that for many BHS graduates, that one adult was one of our amazing music teachers.

Current music teachers:

  • Nicole O’Toole- K-12 Program Director of Performing Arts, Lane School band, Grade 6 Band, JGMS jazz band
  • Katrina Faulstich- BHS Chorus, Theater, and Piano Teacher, JGMS Chorus
  • James Felker- BHS Band & World Drumming Teacher, Marching Band, Grades 7&8 band, BHS Jazz band
  • Evan Grunwald- Guitar & Music Theory Teacher at BHS, JGMS Music Teacher, BHS & JGMS Rock Band
  • Brianna Creamer- Orchestra Teacher- Lane and BHS
  • Lauren Hart- JGMS Music Teacher, Grades 6, 7, and 8 Orchestra Director
  • Natan Wythe- Lane Music Teacher- General Music & Chorus
  • Alison Hannah- Davis School General Music Teacher

Anderson is currently President of POMS (Patrons of Music Students), but is writing as a parent and not as a representative of the organization.

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Molly L Haskell
June 21, 2023 5:17 pm

Encourage and support the arts. Vote for it every chance you get. They are one of the hallmarks of being human.

Couvee Sandy
June 8, 2023 3:59 pm

Well said! Agreed! This program and these wonderful teachers have made an incredible impact on our now graduated student, our family and community! When things got tough during the height of the pandemic these folks went above and beyond to continue the performing arts and set an example for our students to find a way even in tough times! Thank you!

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