New Arrivals Bring Joy at the Chip-in Farm

It’s an exciting time of year at the Chip-in Farm on Hartwell Road. Among the new arrivals are baby goats and pigs.

People are welcome to visit the goats and other farm animals in the barn during the farm’s business hours.

The farm has a long history in Bedford. Hendrick Couvee was an immigrant from Holland. He met Thelma while working at a farm in Weston. They married and to support their family of five during the Great Depression of the 1930s, Hendrick worked as a milkman. 

During World War II, he bought a “victory’ flock of 35 chickens and sold eggs on his milk route.

In 1944, Hendrick, Thelma, and their son Herbert “chipped in” to buy the farm on Hartwell Road. Thelma managed the farm, including a growing flock of hens, while Hendrick and Herbert delivered eggs to many families in the Boston area. For 35 years, they served more than 1,500 people on their door-to-door route, continuing into the 1970s.

The farm now has the fourth generation of the family working at Chip-in. 

For more information about the farm, visit

Everyone has a spot at the trough for something to eat. Staff photo by Wayne Braverman
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