Helicopter Application To Control Mosquito Larvae Scheduled

April 14, 2023

The East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project will be conducting a helicopter application of the biological larvicide, Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis), to control mosquito larvae in Bedford. Wetlands currently being evaluated for this application are located near Davis Rd./Winterberry Way, Old Stagecoach Rd. and at Hartwell Town Forest. One helicopter application will take place between April 20, 2023 and April 28, 2023. The Bti will be applied in a granular formulation by a helicopter flying low directly over the wetlands. Residents do not need to take any special precautions for this application.

Bti is a natural occurring bacterium found in soil, and is classified by the EPA as relatively non-toxic. Bti is target specific and only affects mosquito larvae and a few closely related aquatic insects in the fly family. Bti breaks down quickly in the environment. The product to be used is VectoBac GS (EPA Registration #73049-10).

For further information contact the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project at 781-899-5730.

[Editor’s Note: Updated to reflect the Town’s update on 4/18/2023.]

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Tim Bennett
April 24, 2023 7:53 pm

I would like to apply to fly the helicopter. I don’t know how to but it seems fun.

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