Davis School Teachers Enjoyed Mental Health Mondays in March

April 12, 2023
Davis School teachers had the opportunity to get massages at Hand & Stone in the Bedford Marketplace. Photo by Karen Shamon

Submitted by Karen Shamon

Usually, the month of March is not a teacher’s favorite month. The weather is unpredictable, Daylight Savings Time steals an hour of sleep and, let’s face it, 31 days is a long time. However, the teachers at the Lt. Eleazer Davis Elementary School were very excited this year for Mondays in March. 

Why “Mondays in March,” you may ask? Well, it’s no surprise that these past few years have been difficult for everyone, and the kids have had it the toughest with school interruptions, after school activities canceled, and regular playdates just recently starting again. Kids’ play just does not look the same. 

Children, teachers, school staff, and parents are all feeling the stresses that have appeared since the pandemic. In response to this, Davis School counselors Paula Francis-Springer and Susan Bacher decided that the teachers needed some TLC during the school day. As is said in an emergency, “You have to take care of yourself in order to care for others.” 

Daria Ridone, manager of Hand & Stone in Bedford, definitely took care of the teachers at Davis School with complimentary chair massages. Teachers were able to sign up for a quick massage during their lunch time every Monday in March.  

The therapists from Hand & Stone treated the teachers to a much-needed break in their day. As the teachers returned to their classrooms, we heard comments such as:

  • “Oh, my goodness, that was amazing,” 
  • “I feel so calm and relaxed.”
  • “The stress just left my shoulders.” 
  • “There were so many knots, I cannot believe she found them all in such a short time.”
  • “We have to keep this going.”
  • “That was not long enough, I need to book an appointment and make this part of my self-care.” 

Mondays in March was a huge success! Teachers appreciate the ongoing commitment to wellness and self-care that Bedford has promoted throughout the pandemic and Hand and Stone’s generous contribution to the Davis School.

Karen Shamon is a second grade teacher at the Lt. Eleazer Davis Elementary School.

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April 12, 2023 9:10 pm

What a great way for one of our community businesses to show appreciation to our hard working teaching staff. Thanks to Hand&Stone for their generosity, and of course, thanks to our wonderful teachers for all they do every day.

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