CDC Covid-19 Vaccine Recommendation Update

April 25, 2023
According to the CDC Covid tracker, community levels in Middlesex County are in the low range calculated on April 20, 2023. Image:

The Town of Bedford Health news flash issued a statement last week regarding the April 19 CDC update on COVID-19 vaccine recommendations. 

In the statement, the CDC said it no longer recommends monovalent vaccinations.

This means that all Covid vaccinations moving forward are recommended to be the updated (bivalent) version that was released in Fall 2022. This updated version is currently the most recent and includes protection against both the original virus that causes Covid and also two Omicron variants that have been prevalent.   

The statement also allows and authorizes older adults (65+) and immunocompromised people to receive an additional dose of the bivalent vaccine if it has been four months since the last vaccination. Individuals in this higher-risk category can now start receiving a second dose of the bivalent booster (again, as long as it has been four months since the previous dose). 

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Other prior recommendations remain in place: The CDC recommends that everyone, ages 6 years and older, receive an updated (bivalent) mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. There is no recommended action for anyone between the ages of 6 and 64 years old who is not immunocompromised and has already received a dose of the bivalent vaccine.

Children under 6 years old should receive consultation on the schedule of vaccines with their physician (schedules and doses may vary with age). 

Julie Genova, the Public Health Nurse with the Bedford Health Department, suggests people of any age with questions or who are looking for more information regarding their vaccination schedule discuss concerns and plans with their physician. 

Genova said there aren’t many Covid questions asked in the Health Department these days, but residents are welcome to contact the department during office house (phone, email, or stop by) if questions arise. The Health Department contact information can be found at:

To find a COVID-19 Vaccination near you, the town website suggests:

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