Bedford Classic Cars – 1957 Chevy Delray

April 20, 2023

Our next Bedford classic car is Eric’s 1957 Chevy Delray.  

When you think of ’50s cars, the 1957 Chevy is often what people think of. Rock & Roll, doo-wop music was the soundtrack of this time and the car that epitomized the era was the ’57 Chevrolet. Style and performance were what the public demanded and the big car companies were competing to deliver. Motor Trend magazine celebrated the 1957 Chevy back in 2007 at the 50th anniversary of the car. Here’s what they said:

1957 Chevy Delmar
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The ’57 Chevrolet is forever etched in the minds of many as the model that first really blasted to the performance forefront. It buried everything in its various classes at Daytona Speedweeks. In one class, Chevys filled the first 33 out of the 37 positions. For decades, enthusiasts have openly asked Chevrolet to reproduce the ’57 sport coupe with a contemporary chassis and drivetrain. Word is they would sell every one they could make.

This was the new era of cool multicolored interiors and dashboards,  hood rockets,  bumper bullets, rear fender tail fins, and big powerful engines. 

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In short, it’s a classic.

Hood Rockets

The Chevrolet Delray was named after the Delray neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan.  The Delray model debuted in 1954 as an optional trim level on two-door models of Chevrolet’s mid-range 210 series of cars. The top of the line was the Belair with the Delray being just one step below.

Eric’s first car was a 1957 Chevy he bought while in high school back in 1969 for $100.  It was “an old junker” as he described it.  After that, he had a series of old/classic cars that he worked on and drove, but always wanted to get an original 1957 Chevy. He and his wife Debbie found one in 1987 in Pennsylvania. They drove to the car show in Harrisburg to take a look at one they found, but by the time they got there, that car was sold. They found their current car not far away in Thompsontown, PA.  The car they ended up buying was from the original owner. The people they bought it from said their grandparents bought it in 1957, brand new off the lot. This was back in 1987 and Eric and Debbie have had it ever since.   

Sales Brochure for the 1957 Chevy Delray

The car is the original Sierra Gold color.  It is all original with a six-cylinder engine and two-speed automatic transmission. It has just 72,662 original miles on it. Eric describes it as a “tank.” It is 5,000 lbs. and does not have power steering or power brakes, still it’s a lot of fun to drive. 

Eric and Debbie love cruising with their car and are members of the New England Classic Chevy Club. They spend most of their summers up at their cottage in New Hampshire and love cruising on those summer nights.  

Coffee and Classic Cars – Coming June 4 at Peppers Grille

Do you like classic cars? Do you have one? Come to the first Bedford Classic Cars event. Co-Sponsored by Peppers Grille and The Bedford Citizen in front of Peppers Grille in the Great Road Shopping Center, this event takes place from 8 to 11 a.m. on Sunday, June 4. Enjoy breakfast at Peppers Grille and view some of the classic cars of years gone by!

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