What’s Happening in Bedford: What are other Bedfords Famous For?

March 23, 2023

For no other reason other than we thought it might be fun, we’ve created this column to post some things going on in other Bedfords.

We all know that our Bedford is famous for having the second oldest flag in the country, darn you Bristol, Rhode Island! Then there is that city south of here whose real claim to fame is that it’s newer than us – New Bedford? But what about the other Bedfords? Every place is known for something.

Bedford, Virginia:  Bedford City was home to some of the brave soldiers who fought at the D-Day Invasion on June 6, 1944. Known as the “Bedford Boys,” these men served with Company A, 116th Infantry, and lost the most soldiers of any town during the invasion. Their sacrifice was immortalized in the 2008 film “The Town They Left Behind.” The town is home to several historic landmarks, including the National D-Day Memorial, the Elks National Home, and the Avenel Plantation. Nearby, visitors have a wide range of attractions: Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, Smith Mountain Lake, the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Peaks of Otter, and the Sedalia Center for the Arts.

Bedford, Ohio: One of the most noteworthy moments in Bedford’s history was when President Abraham Lincoln stopped in the village on Feb. 15, 1861, at the Wheeling & Lake Erie train depot. The newly elected president was on his way to Washington, D.C., for his inauguration. Bedford was also a stop along the underground railroad. Halle Berry, Oscar and Emmy-winning actress, attended Bedford High School.

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Bedford, Indiana: is known as the limestone capital of the world, and is surrounded by limestone quarries. The limestone from those quarries was used in several iconic buildings including the Empire State Building.  Although it’s not clear that any scenes were shot in Bedford for the movie “Breaking Away,” the quarries and the town were very similar to Bedford. The town is also close to French Lick, home of Larry Bird. Bedford was also a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Bedford, New York: founded in 1680, is home to The Bedford Oak. This tree has stood as a symbol of the Town of Bedford’s strength, beauty, and heritage, predating, some think, even the beginning of the Town itself. A white oak with branches spanning approximately 130 feet and a girth more than 23 feet, it is thought by some to have been 200 years old when the 22 men from Stamford purchased the Hopp Ground from the Native Americans in 1680. The Town’s importance grew during the Colonial period and it was a model for town meetings and self-government. Bedford served as the wartime Westchester County seat during the Revolutionary War after the Battle of White Plains until it was burned by the British on July 11, 1779.

Bedford, Pennsylvania: This charming small town was once a frontier power, the last outpost of civilization on the edge of the wilderness. The town takes its name from Fort Bedford, built in 1758 by the British Army to withstand the French and later, the Indians. Bedford, 75 miles southwest of State College, segued into a haven for healing thanks to its seven fabled medicinal springs. Bedford is home to the world-famous Bedford Springs Resort, whose luxurious facilities have attracted 10 presidents.

Bedford, Texas: In 2022, Bedford was named a Gold Award recipient through the Scenic City Certification Program, which currently recognizes 91 Texas cities for their demonstrated commitment to high-quality scenic standards for public roadways and spaces. It is also home to Blake Swihart, who played for the Red Sox last year.

Bedford, Iowa: The community is believed to have gotten its name from Thomas J. Bedford, who was the first westbound Pony Express rider to deliver the mail on its final leg from Benicia, California to Oakland, California on April 23, 1861. It is home to the Seth Thomas clock in the tower of the 1893 courthouse.

Bedford, Kentucky: Bedford is located in Trimble County in north central Kentucky and is home to rich grape orchards, tasty homemade ice cream, and rides to the pumpkin patch. Experience the past at the Trimble County Jail erected ca 1850 and the Callis General Store and Post Office. Bedford is also home to two local festivals of note: the Trimble County Fair held each June and the Trimble County Apple Festival taking place each September. 

Bedford, New Hampshire: It was founded in 1733 and has a rock formation called Pulpit Rock (originally the Devil’s Pulpit), located in the northwest part of the town on New Boston Road, and is the feature of the town-owned Pulpit Rock Conservation Area. The highest point in Bedford is Holbrook Hill, at 845 feet (258 m) above sea level.  Bedford is also home to Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway HT and the iBOT, Seth Meyers, comedian, talk-show host, and Chris Carpenter, pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals. 

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March 26, 2023 1:44 pm

Of course, Bedford, Virginia is the best of them all ;)
Prove me wrong.

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