Letter to the Editor: Community Should be Involved in Hanscom Expansion Project

Submitted by Thomas P. Flannery

I am writing to you to raise some issues with the proposed Northfield Expansion at Hanscom Field in Bedford.

Our community, Hartwell Farms on Kendall Court off of Hartwell Road, is the home to about 200 multi-ethnic residents ranging from very young children to senior citizens. 

The development has been done without significant involvement of our community, right at the northwest corner of the proposed development.  We are adjacent to Werfen, a major manufacturer, and employer in Bedford.  When Werfen recently proposed redeveloping its facilities, our community worked with Werfen to address our concerns. The process was amicable.  Our community was well-informed and interactive.

The proposed Massport project is in stark contrast to our experience with Werfen.

We recognize that Massport is an “independent public authority.”  The operative term is “public.”  As such, Massport must seek and listen to the public’s input.

We have numerous issues with the proposed development, ranging from the significant increase in corporate hanger space and flights to a large amount of paving, the refueling of aircraft close to Hartwell Road, the increase in road traffic, noise, and the negative effect on trees, animal habitat, water.

The development will benefit corporations and private owners of jet aircraft.  It will harm significantly more people living in the four communities surrounding Hanscom Field.  We will not be surprised if the next step is for Massport to propose extending the runways to better accommodate aircraft.

The lack of transparency concerns those of us who live in Bedford and the residents of Lexington, Concord, and Carlisle, the communities surrounding Hanscom.

Thank you for helping to keep our community informed.

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February 9, 2023 9:40 pm

I share the concern of the work at the airport, but to where exactly could either of the runways possibly be exteded?

Both ends of 11-29 already end on wetlands. One side of 5-23 also ends on wetlands, and the other side ends on terrain that slopes up with wetlands right behind it.

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