Letter to the Editor: Bedford Resident Rebuts Hanscom Proposal

Submitted by Birgit DeWeerd

Here are some reasons to say “No” to the Hanscom Proposal, referencing Mike Rosenberg’s article in The Bedford Citizen. https://thebedfordcitizen.org/2023/02/fuel-farm-planned-for-new-hanscom-hangar-complex/

Taxi lanes to support “Group 4 heavier planes”

“Corporate jets are getting pretty large these days” says Thomas Kinton, the developer’s consultant and a former Massport CEO. Some of these planes can fly around the world.

We are on a zero -emission journey and here we allow ever larger private/corporate planes with how many passengers per flight? I like to see actual numbers and projections.

I would like to think that we surely can come up with environmentally better alternatives to transport passengers who are “typically employees of companies close to the airport” (consultant Ken Schwartz).

Fuel Farm?

There was no talk of it last June. But here it is.

There is a superfund site close by the Hangar Project; it is still a superfund site many years after its declaration as such? Now there is potential for another one.

And whose healthy air intake, healthy water source, healthy life are we sacrificing for the convenience of a few?

This is “premium traffic at a huge environmental cost to all of us collectively” as Mike Barrett so poignantly pointed out.

Thank you Mr. Senator, please keep fighting for us!

Adding more than 10 acres of impervious surface.

The airport already is creating its own microclimate due to the expansive asphalted surface heating up on hot summer days resulting in microbursts not common in other areas.

Tree hugging is good!

Please, members of the Bedford Select Board, fight for us!

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Molly L Haskell
February 10, 2023 3:01 pm

Part of the project will go on top of an area that is designated protected drinking water aquifer for the Town of Bedford. The aquifer continues to Burlington and on to the Merrimac Watershed. Would we let Sunoco build a Turnpike rest station here? Why should we let Massport?

Patty Dahlgren
February 10, 2023 8:05 am

BRAVO! Thank you for this letter!

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