Letter to the Editor: Bedford Historical Society Has Correct Information on Bacon House at 139 The Great Road

-Submitted by John Stella

Many Bedford residents agree that the town made a big mistake and that the wrong place to put the fire station is the Bacon historic house/carriage house at 139 Great Road. Everyone knows this is the wrong proposed move. According to the Bedford Historical Society, the Bacon house/carriage house was built in 1836. This house was the oldest historic house still standing in this town. Both houses are on the National Register of Historic Places with construction dates of 1836. This house should be saved and preserved for future generations.

The recent report by Preservation Collaborative was not accurate. The town should focus on the history of this historic house by the Bedford Historical Society, which was fully accurate, not on the Preservation Collaborative which was not accurate in its findings. The town should not waste money on Preservation Collaborative. If the town wants to find out about this historic house they should contact the Bedford Historical Society which has solid accurate information. The Bedford Historical Society has all the true accurate information about the history of the town.

I would like to offer this list of recommendations and the Town should consider all three options.

  1. Suggest town should study the feasibility to expand and modernize the fire station located at 55 Great Road. The former police station on the east side of the fire station should be part of the expansion as a fire station. This will help the town with savings costs.
  2. Suggest town should consider building a fire station located on North Road near the gas station and convenience store.
  3. Suggest the town consider building a “substation fire station” somewhere in another part of town or near the gas station and convenience store on North Road to allow the fire station at 55 Great Road to expand and renovate. This will help the town save money by lowering costs.

Please write to the Select Board and Town Manager to support an alternative site for the fire station on North Road near the gas station and convenience store.

Send your letters to:

Bedford Select Board, Bedford Town Hall, 10 Mudge Way, Bedford, MA 0170
Town Manager, Bedford Town Hall, 10 Mudge Way, Bedford, MA 01730

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February 6, 2023 10:28 pm

.A much, much larger group of residents agree the “historic” value of that house is 0. This here resident agrees the town’s entire legal team should be dedicated to recover the 150K plus legal fees from the rich people that can afford to pay it back (the house would cost more so they can afford it).

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