Bedford Scout Troop 114 Recognizes Three New Eagle Scouts on Saturday

January 4, 2023
Three new Eagle Scouts will be honored on Saturday
(Left to Right) Parker Anderson-LaPorte, Nicholas Bennett, and Nicholas Guetersloh will be honored as Eagle Scouts on Saturday for their hard work, dedication and leadership with Troop 114. Courtesy Image

Three senior members of Bedford’s BSA Troop 114 will be awarded Eagle Scout Rank at a Court of Honor on Saturday. The new Eagle Scouts are Parker James Anderson-LaPorte, Nicholas Michael Bennett, and Nicholas Mark Guetersloh. The addition of the three new honorees will bring Troop 114’s Eagle Scout count up to 95 since 1990. 

The Eagle Scout rank is the highest honor awarded to a youth member of Scouts. It is presented to those who have upheld the Scout Oath and Law over their years of participation and is a performance-based achievement with rigorous standards. 

Scouts awarded Eagle Scout rank are described as possessing a “consistent, honorable pursuit of Scouting’s goals – citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness.” 

At the Court of Honor, the new Eagle Scouts will take the symbolic Eagle Oath, perform the obligations of an Eagle Scout, and affirm their commitment to their troop and the community.

Scouts receiving this award completed an Eagle Scout Project – a community service-based project allowing them to demonstrate the “leadership, ingenuity, and perseverance” required to reach the Scouts’ highest honor. Bedford’s three new Scouts are well-rounded members of the community who have all completed an Eagle Scout project and have held numerous leadership roles in the troop and in their other commitments.

  • Parker Anderson-LaPorte is a current senior at Bedford High School who joined Scouts as a Tiger Scout with Pack 194 in 2011. In Troop 114, he took on multiple leadership roles, serving as Troop Guide, Patrol Lead, and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and participated in numerous camping trips with his troop. 

    Outside of Scouts, Parker is heavily involved in music and plays saxophone and guitar in the Bedford High School Concert Band, Marching Band, and Jazz Band. He played in the pit orchestra for multiple Bedford High School theater productions, and his extracurricular jazz quartet, the Sus4, performed at the Governor’s State of the Commonwealth address and for various charity events.

    Parker’s Eagle Scout project was inspired by his participation in the music program. With the help of Bob Doud, he engineered and constructed two dollies to help move equipment at Bedford High School. His dollies are currently in use in the music department.
  • Nicholas ‘Cole’ Bennett is also a senior at Bedford High School. After receiving his Arrow of Light and attending a fun “Scout Skills” weekend, he joined Troop 114 where he served as Senior Patrol Leader and OA Troop Representative, and more recently, became Scribe and Troop Guide.

    At Bedford High School, Cole is a member of the National Honor Society, the varsity wrestling team, and the Frisbee team. He also serves as founder and secretary of the Investment Club and helped in founding the Coffee and Tea Club. He will be attending Northeastern University in 2023.

    For his Eagle Scout Project, Cole worked to fund, build, and install six large bat houses near bodies of water in conservation areas in Bedford. After researching to choose his locations, Cole reached out to local organizations for support for his project, including the Trails Committee, the Conservation Commission, and the Burlington Lumber Company. Fellow scouts and high school volunteers aided in the construction of the bat houses, located at Fawn Lake, Buehler Pond, and the Old Bedford Reservoir. These houses will help increase the bat population in Bedford, and subsequently, decrease the number of mosquitos in these areas. Cole’s article detailing his project was featured in The Bedford Citizen on Sept. 9.
  • Nicholas Guetersloh is a freshman at Miami University of Ohio. He also began his Scouting career in Pack 194, and after quickly earning his Arrow of Light, moved into Troop 114 as one of only two boys who graduated that year. 

    In Troop 114, he served as Assistant Patrol Leader and led his own patrol for many years. During the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, Nicholas worked as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader under leader Antranig Douglas to help transition to remote scouting. 

    During his time at Bedford High School, Nicholas was involved in the music program in numerous ways. He worked as a member of the stage crew and as a performer in multiple theater productions and led the BHS all-male acapella group in his junior and senior years. Nicholas is currently studying biology at Miami University of Ohio and continues to be involved in an acapella group.

    Nicholas’s Eagle Scout Project was sponsored by the Trails Commission and involved the construction of an informational kiosk with an attached bike rack at Buehler Pond in Bedford. Many volunteers, fellow troop members, and friends aided in the development of his project. Nicholas’s kiosk is a place for community members to safely park their bikes, and also provides valuable information about the area.

Scoutmaster Chris LaPorte had this to say about the honorees: “Parker, Cole, and Nicholas are great examples of young leaders in our community. These kind, generous, and hardworking young men have invested significant effort in progressing through their own scouting careers while helping others along the way. They should be very proud of what they have accomplished as Scouters and know they have set a good example for others to follow.  It was a pleasure to accompany them on their scouting journey and we all look forward to hearing about their future accomplishments.”

Scouts, families, and friends are invited to attend the ceremony, which will be held at the First Church of Christ, Congregational at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 7. More information about Troop 114 and their fundraisers and events can be found on their website at

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Tim Bennett
January 6, 2023 10:32 pm

Proud of these scouts!

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