All because a little snow fell…

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A couple of weeks ago I asked my neighbors if they would be interested in a snowfall contest. The winter can be long and dull for many, so why not kick things up a notch? The rules were simple in that they had to guess the date a minimum of 2 inches of snow would cover the ground. At the start of the contest, it was still “warm” with no snow anticipated for the next 10 days. I hoped it would be a fun way to give us all something to look forward to and a different place to put our focus. 

The entry cost was set at a certain dollar amount per guess with the caveat that half the jackpot would be donated to The Bedford Food Pantry.  Participants had 36 hours to submit their selections and pay up, and I figured a dozen or so people would play. I was overwhelmed when more than half the households signed up to play with 70 guesses taking place! On top of that, many added donations to be directed to The Food Pantry. This was quickly becoming a win-win for everyone.

The chatter around the neighborhood was light and fun with everyone trying to predict the weather. When is the last time you got excited every time a snowflake fell? Our Snowfall Group emails were upbeat and creative, from the lawyers who analyzed exactly when and how much snow fell, to the neighbor who checked snowfall with a ruler literally in the middle of the night to keep things on the up-and-up. 

It is winter, it is January and snowfall is to be expected by now after all, but when we had our 2 inches-plus snowfall the other day, the contest felt like it was over too quickly. That’s how good things end right? Sometimes too quickly. 

I have a feeling if I had simply asked for monetary donations to The Food Pantry, I would have been lucky to raise $100. But this contest brought out comradery, some competitiveness, and the true spirit of giving and remembering how very fortunate we really are. I personally am feeling extra blessed. All because a little snow fell…

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