Letter to the Editor: Urging a “Yes” vote on Question #2

~Submitted by Jason Gould DMD

The money you spend for dental insurance should be spent on you, not as profit for big dental insurance companies and their executives. This election season, I hope you’ll join me in voting YES on question 2 to establish a consumer protection law requiring dental insurers to spend at least 83% of revenue on patient care or refund the difference directly to patients.

Over my 20 years as a dentist, I have watched as patients and dentists have grown increasingly frustrated with the dental insurance industry. You pay more each year but have little idea where the money goes. Patients deserve transparency about how their premium dollars are being spent. 

Medical insurers in Massachusetts are required by law to spend at least 88% of their revenue on patient care. If they fail to meet this goal, they are required to refund the difference directly to patients. Dental insurers have no law directing how much they must spend on patient care. As a result, they typically spend less than 60% of revenue on activities that improve the oral health of patients. They spend the rest on executive compensation, corporate profits, and administrative costs. Patients deserve better. 

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Your insurance premiums are now being spent on advertisements trying to confuse voters about this ballot question.  Contrary to the claims of the large insurance companies opposed to this initiative, Question 2 specifically prevents dental insurance premium increases above the consumer price index without approval by the state of Massachusetts.

Vote YES on 2 so your dental insurance dollars are spent on you!

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