Letter to the Editor: Allow the Whole Community to Enjoy the RBT

~Submitted by Lori Reubenstein

I love the Reformatory Branch Trail.  I ride on it frequently.  As I was riding on it today with all of the autumn leaves obscuring the typical trail hazards (rocks, roots, ruts, etc) it occurred to me that I would not be enjoying my ride any less if the path were paved.  After I passed all of the “No on 10” signs littering the sides of the trail, I noticed how narrow that section of path was and how closely I had to pass other bikers.  I saw a jogger get whacked in the face by a weed as we passed each other.  I felt uncomfortable having to run across Concord road through traffic.  

I like to ride with friends.  Several of my friends can’t ride the RBT, either because their skill level makes them uncomfortable with the conditions, or because they don’t have a properly equipped bike.  People who frequent the train worry that it will become crowded.  It all comes down to this.  The RBT is a beautiful community resource.  Do you want the whole community to be able to enjoy it, or do you want to keep it to yourself?

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Terry Gleason
November 30, 2022 8:09 pm

Reassuring to know that people in our community believe sharing and the ‘common good’ are important.

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