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October 5, 2022

The Bedford Citizen’s ability to bring the news of Bedford to our community would not have been possible without the support and generosity of all of our donors and website sponsors. We extend our deepest thanks to all the people and companies who supported The Citizen during the third quarter of 2022.

If you would like to support The Bedford Citizen and have not yet had the opportunity, please consider taking part in our annual NewsMatch year-end appeal which begins November 1.  All donations of up to $1,000 are matched until we reach the match total!

Does your employer match donations by employees to nonprofit organizations? If so, your gift can go even further in helping The Citizen provide local, relevant community news. Please check with your company to see if your gift qualifies. Thank you for making your gift count double!

Gifts ~ July 1 through September 30

Raphael Bustin, Angelo Colao, Patricia Crew, Lauren Crews, Todd Crowley, Jennifer Cunningham and Gregg Favalora, Delton Davison, Joe Esposito, Rita Fardy, Marv and Kathy Goldschmitt, Richard Grace, Lee Beth King, Carol and Glen Legere, Harvey and Jo Ann Malchow, Jane Mosier, Patricia and James Payne, Kerry and Mark Pearson, Mark and Paula Petschek, Michelle Puntillo, Ron Reynolds, Yvonne Sandell, Ellen Jane Scheiner, Glenda Singer, Nancy Thorsen, Catherine van Praagh, Gail Waldron, Twila Wanamaker, Amit and Orna Weismann, Matching Gifts (4)

Sustaining Donors
Christine Anderson, Kathleen Aubrey, Dot Bergin, Sandy Blake, Renu Bostwick, Joan Bowen, Seth Cargiuolo, David and Anne Caron, Catherine Chambers, Leon and Aline Cierpial, Elizabeth Cowles, Kelly Craven, Ginny Crocker, Matthew Derman, Kate Desjardins, Birgit DeWeerd, Bob and Sarah Dorer, Bobbie and Lou Ennis, George and Carol Epple, Mitch and Steven Evans, Kelly Giaquinto, Joanne Glover, Irene Gravina, Karen Guetersloh, John Guilfoil, The Hacala Family, Audra Hamilton, Marc Hamilton, Carl and Sing Hanson, John and Susan Harris, Matt Heid, Claire Higson, Jasmin Hofstetter, Jennifer and Dan Hurwitz, Christine Johnston, Gene Kalb and Linda Pollitz, Daniel Kennedy, Sheila Kojm and Louis Stuhl, Donald Marshall, Nick Mascoli, Meredith McCulloch, Sharon McDonald, Katie McGrath, Teri and Steven Morrow, Jeremy Paskali, Sarita and Sanjeev Pillai, Ken and Emily Pruyn, Lalitha Ranganath, Katherine Register, Howard and Lori Reubenstein, James Rogers, Carol Rogers, Mike and Dawn Rosenberg, Marie Ryder, Craig Sandler, Jan Shepard, Joseph Siegel, Dan Smythe, Kathleen Spofford, Moriah Tumbleson-Shaw, Alison Weaver, Paul and Leslie Wittman, Gayatri Yadavalli, Elena Zorn, Anonymous (1)

The Citizen is enormously grateful to our donors, who bring you the news day in and out.  If you are not a monthly (sustaining) donor, please consider becoming one!

We strive for accuracy and regret any omissions or mistakes.  Please contact us at [email protected] with any corrections.

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