Davis School Through the Eyes of the Principal

October 13, 2022

By Beth Benoit

Davis School. Courtesy Image (c) all rights reserved

Beth Benoit is in her tenth year as principal of the Davis School and shares a little about her experience, joy, and challenges at the school.  

Building Value

At Davis School, we strive to help Bedford Public School’s youngest students feel valued and see how important they are to the learning community. In the classroom, this includes welcoming each other and learning about and from each other. It involves learning how to collaborate, solve a problem, fix a mistake, and advocate for yourself if someone has upset you or you are stuck on a learning challenge. It means celebrating each child’s victories as problem-solvers, mathematicians, authors, scientists, and readers and most importantly celebrating the hard work and grit that is needed to be a student. 

Davis School Fosters the Feeling of Community

6 images of students working in classrooms
Davis students work together to learn about maps. Courtesy Image (c) all rights reserved.

Our School is a place where we are all experts at some things and all learning new concepts, skills, and ideas (students and adults). As a community, we support each other as we grow as skillful problem solvers both academically and socially. Students, staff, and families use each other as resources in order to support all students in developing the critical skills needed to do this work and to feel successful as learners and citizens. In particular, Davis School students are encouraged and taught to share ideas, ask for help, and follow problem-solving processes. All of these abilities are achieved through daily meetings, conversations, and activities that focus on developing the critical skills for students to solve social, literacy, math, science, and engineering challenges. 

Students Learn Through Engagement

children working in a garden
Students working in the Davis School Garden. Courtesy Image (c) all rights reserved.

Students engage in learning throughout the building, not just in their classroom. They learn from each other and about each other as they explore the work displayed throughout the building in the art room, music room, library, and gym. Students feel connected to students in other classrooms through opportunities to engage with others within our community meetings, working in the school garden, exploring at Cattail Corner, recess, and projects and events for the entire grade or school. During Community Meetings and All School Assemblies students join together to sing, dance, and share ideas around different themes which includes sharing what makes us unique and special, appreciating the differences among each other, honoring perseverance, and taking action when you see a problem. These meetings are opportunities for students to be part of a larger community gathering together in celebration of the people that make up our school. 

School Community Events Return This Year

This year we are excited to bring back opportunities for the larger community including families to engage together in learning with students and staff at Davis. Our annual Bingo For Books is back and 2nd Graders will have the opportunity to come together in the evening with their families and play literacy Bingo. We have added a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Night that will bring together students, families, and staff to engage in play and learning in the areas of STEM. Our Fall Festival and End of Year Picnic brings us (students, families, and staff) together to celebrate our community. The joyful engagement for all in learning is a key objective that allows all of us to learn and grow.

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