Real Estate Transfers ~ July 15, 2022

August 2, 2022

Please join us in bidding adieu to the sellers and welcoming Bedford’s newest residents.

146 Dudley Road #146, a 6 room Condominium/Free-Standing, built in 1998:
Sold by 146 Dudley Road NT and Thomas Prendergast on 07/01/22 to Thomas E Prendergast RET and Thomas Prendergast for $258,000.

277 Carlisle Road, an 8 room Split Level on 3.90 acres, built in 1961:
Sold by Reagan and Reese Mozer on 07/05/22 to Luis Garza and Valerie Gomez for $900,000.

41-43 Summer Street, a 9 room Two-family Duplex on 0.22 acres, built in 1959:
Sold by Elly Tee Myers T and Stephen Myers on 07/06/22 to Diesel Development RT and Andrew Roy for $478,000.

39 Winterberry Way, a 7 room Conventional on 0.20 acres, built in 1996:
Sold by Eting Yuan and Limin Wang on 07/08/22 to Shraddha Sharma and Anand Devasthanam for $910,000.

62 Fletcher Road, a 9 room Colonial on 0.51 acres, built in 1910:
Sold by Timothy D Miley T and Timothy Miley on 07/08/22 to Krishna Ramadurai and Vandana Pandian-Babu for $1,475,000.

15 Sunnyfield Road, a 6 room Cape Cod on 0.30 acres, built in 1953:
Sold by Nicholas and Elena Zorn on 07/08/22 to Shailesh Patel and Swreena Tapia for $875,000.

96 South Road, a 6 room Old Style on 0.25 acres, built in 1914:
Sold by Dixon FT and Kelly Knight on 07/11/22 to Patrick and Theresa Reed for $680,000.

9 Beacon Street, a 6 room Old Style on 0.42 acres, built in 1915:
Sold by Deangelo Dominic Est and Elizabeth Deangelo on 07/12/22 to A Coffey House LLC for $550,000.

46 Elm Street #48, a Condominium:
Sold by 46 Elm Street IRT and Eugene Clerkin on 07/12/22 to Brandon and Amy Twilley for $785,000.

40 Middlesex Turnpike, a General Office Building on 4.03 acres, built in 1982:
Sold by Aware Inc on 07/13/22 to Fds Bedford LLC for $8,850,000.

39-41 Neillian Way, a 13 room Two-family Duplex on 0.21 acres, built in 1956:
Sold by 39-41 Neillan Way NT and Clifford Rober on 07/13/22 to Michael and James Barr for $535,000.

77 Kendall Court #77, a Condominium/Townhouse, built in 2012:
Sold by Karolyn S Masters IRT and Peter Masters on 07/13/22 to Amy Goolkasian for $870,000.

8 Jeffrey Circle, a 6 room Split Level on 0.72 acres, built in 1965:
Sold by Jauss 2008 FT and Dean Guidetti on 07/15/22 to Christopher and Hui Bassett for $810,000.

139 Great Road, a 9 room Colonial on 1.49 acres, built in 1910:
Sold by Utah State University on 07/15/22 to Town Of Bedford for $1,700,000.

16 Lewis Road #26, a 5 room Condominium/Townhouse, built in 2020:
Sold by Yohan Lee and Eunkyung Jung on 07/15/22 to Adam and Eunji Mancini for $700,000.

The Bedford Citizen posts real estate transfers through an agreement with The Warren Group.

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