Real Estate Transfers ~ August 12, 2022

August 31, 2022

Please join us in bidding adieu to the sellers and welcoming Bedford’s newest residents.

60 Wildwood Drive, an 8 room Garrison on 0.92 acres, built in 1967:
Sold by Janek John S Est and Jennifer Whitman on 07/18/22 to Ashley and Joshua Janek for $900,000.

121 Springs Road, a 9 room Old Style on 0.85 acres, built in 1926:
Sold by Thomas and Lourdes Engel on 07/18/22 to Adam and Amity Kulis for $1,130,000.

1 Hamilton Road, a 7 room Garrison on 0.37 acres, built in 1974:
Sold by Timothy and Deborah Regan on 07/19/22 to Tristan and Kimberly Forsythe for $890,000.

23 Washington Street, a 6 room Split Entry on 0.39 acres, built in 1965:
Sold by Margaret Duesenberry on 07/22/22 to Paul and Roxanne Robinson for $660,000.

1 Walsh Road, a 5 room Ranch on 0.49 acres, built in 1959:
Sold by Crimmins Joseph P Est and Virginia Doucette on 07/26/22 to NDV Properties LLC for $520,000.

23 Selfridge Road, a 6 room Split Entry on 0.70 acres, built in 1982:
Sold by Jianhua Lu and Kerong Yin on 07/27/22 to Sarah Singer and Eric Fischbach for $968,000.

21 Cutler Street #21, a 4 room Condominium/Duplex, built in 1948:
Sold by Mark Pearson and Mitchell Pulver on 07/27/22 to Quanzhi Ye and Xia Han for $635,000.

9 Harvard Drive, a 7 room Ranch on 1.38 acres, built in 1971:
Sold by Paul and Paula Saunders on 07/29/22 to Fawzi Karachi for $1,235,000.

400 Davis Road, an 8 room Colonial on 0.52 acres, built in 2005:
Sold by Anthony and Chelsea Aiudi on 08/01/22 to Aeshang Parikh and Ekta Kadakia for $1,425,000.

22 Roberts Drive #D, a 3 room Condominium/Apartment, built in 1953:
Sold by Michelle Grenier on 08/01/22 to Raj Purohit for $318,000.

16 Charles Street, a 10 room Colonial on 0.79 acres, built in 2009:
Sold by Sidney and Jennifer Kuo on 08/01/22 to Juan Du and Gengzhao Chen for $1,543,750.

2 Labo Lane, an 8 room Split Entry on 0.44 acres, built in 1964:
Sold by Alyson Geary-Swiga on 08/05/22 to Sean Laffey and Cynthia Chelius for $825,000.

26 Summer Street #26, a 7 room Condominium/Townhouse, built in 2022:
Sold by 24 Summer Street LLC on 08/05/22 to Guangyang Li and Yunwei Lin for $1,230,000.

328 South Road, an 8 room Colonial on 0.41 acres, built in 2014:
Sold by Karthikeyan Ramu and Sridevi Muthukumarasamy on 08/11/22 to Uma Mahesh-Gundra and Sireesha Yalamanchili for $1,355,000.

1 Patriot Circle, a 5 room Split Entry on 0.36 acres, built in 1982:
Sold by Anita Tapper Feld T and Anita Tapper-Feld on 08/12/22 to Bilge Senturk for $715,000.

45 Liberty Road, a 9 room Colonial on 0.37 acres, built in 2005:
Sold by Gary and Paula Kazangian on 08/12/22 to Yuan Ying and Tianmin Qu for $1,750,000.

The Bedford Citizen posts real estate transfers through an agreement with The Warren Group.

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