Letter to the Editor: In Support of Ken Gordon

~ Submitted by Fahad Ken Alden

Today, I write in support of Ken Gordon for state representative for another term. I genuinely believe Ken has the capabilities and character to be a state representative for a second term.

I first met Ken, during a League of Women Voters debate. Even though we had never met or interacted before, he complimented my debate skills and encouraged others to support me. At the time, I had no connections or relevance in Bedford, but despite that, Ken did that. To me, that spoke volumes about who Ken is; he is willing to believe in people, no matter their origin.

I find Ken not only to be innovative and capable but someone kind. I saw that first hand at all the events we were at together. He was often the first person to say hi to everyone and give people hugs.   He remembers everyone’s name, from state representatives to every volunteer he has. He listened to anyone who attended his office hours with full attention and would always come through his promises.

Ken was also someone I could rely on. When I could not drive to the Democratic convention, he offered to give me a ride. He went out of his way to introduce me to many elected officials and spoke of my role as trustee. Whenever I had questions on anything, he not only answered them but guided me to resources to better my knowledge. He ensured me that my age or nationality is what makes my perspective as an elected official important. By sharing my heritage or my experiences as a student, I am helping expand important conversations.  As someone, who felt shut out due to my experience, it was reassuring and championed by someone like Ken.

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