Bedford Boy Scouts from Troop 194 at the 49th Annual American Legion Camporee

Bedford Boy Scout Troop 194 attended the 2022 American Legion Camporee on Fathers Day weekend ~ Courtesy image (c) 2022 all rights reserved

~ Submitted by Ken Scheyder on behalf of BSA Troop 194, Bedford, Massachusetts

Proud and exhausted Scouts, Webelos, Moms, Dads, and guests from Bedford—40 in all—returned home on Father’s Day after participating in a GIANT Boy Scout Camporee at Camp Collier in Gardner, Mass. Our Scout group which was joined this year by members of Bedford Cub Pack 194 consisted of 23 adults/siblings and 14 boys. OC, Alan Coady, and the staff once again did a spectacular job!

The Massachusetts American Legion Posts throughout the state sponsors a camporee every Father’s Day weekend. This year was the 49th event. The weekend program consists of a series of events, which are designed to provide a competitive arena in which the boys demonstrate their skills in Scout craft, teamwork, and scout Spirit. All of this and fun at the same time combined to deliver a memorable weekend for all who were there. Fifteen Scout troops, one crew, and one pack from all over the Commonwealth participated this year. Well over one hundred people participated. In addition to the competition, a church service, a flag retirement ceremony, and a Saturday night campfire that was run entirely by the Senior Scouts including our own esteemed Henry Su. Another highlight was the Saturday night feast that was served up by Mr. Mike Porter and his crew. Mike again brought his smoker and another one of our supporters, Nicky brought his. Pork roast and chicken with all the fixings made for a delicious meal.

The various honored guests during the weekend included the American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year, the US Marines, the US Coast Guard, the US Navy, the US Air Force, and the MA State Police. The Marines were from Devens and allowed the Scouts to climb on their HUMVEE and wear a flak jacket and helmet. The Air Force Dog Team was from HAFB and did some demonstrations with their dogs. The Coast Guard was from Boston, and they brought a boat on a trailer that the Scouts could climb on. The State Police consisted of two Troopers on horseback, the Underwater Recovery Team, the “Accelerant” Dog team that works in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal, and they also landed one of their helicopters! The Navy contingent was from the USS Constitution. Sailors serving on the USS Constitution are the best of the best. The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world and receives almost half a million visitors annually. Additionally, it’s the Navy’s platform for receiving senior officers, high-ranking government officials, and heads of state.

Representing Troop 194 at this year’s camporee were Australia is an Island Patrol and the Ballistic Narhals Patrol. A grand total of 23 patrols participated in numerous competitions.

In the Flag Etiquette event, Australia is an Island Patrol came in first and the Ballistic Narhals Patrol came in fourth. In the Fire-Starting event, Australia is an Island Patrol came in fourth. For the Hot Isotope event, the Ballistic Narhals Patrol came in first. In the Shelter Building competition, Ballistic Narhals Patrol came in fourth. For the First Aid Event, Australia is an Island Patrol came in first. In the Rifle Shoot, the Ballistic Narhals Patrol came in second, and in the Challenge Course they came in third. Note: None of our patrols placed in the Scout Knowledge, Animal Tracks, Knots events L.

Troop 194 had the fourth-best gateway and the second-best campsite. Ballistic Narhals Patrol was the third-best patrol, and Australia is an Island Patrol was the fifth-best patrol. This year Troop 194 was deemed the second-best unit at the camporee. Also of note, many fish were caught. A good fun safe time was had by all.

The Troop 194 Committee wishes to extend their heartfelt thanks to our long-time sponsors and friend – the Anthony Hunt Hamilton American Legion Post 221. In addition, we thank all of the participants; especially all of the adults whose investment of time and energy throughout the year are key to providing these Scouts with the skills, opportunities, and personal examples necessary to enhance the fundamental scouting experience.

Weekend participants included:

Troop 194 Adults / Guests: Mr. Greg Mattson, Ms. Kristy Mattson, Ms. Elena Noble, Mr. James Noble, Ms. Abir Zaloom, Mr. Mark Silver, Ms. Annemarie Silver, Ms. Teresa Silver, Mr. John Mitchell, Ms. Emily Mitchell, Mr. Mike Porter, Mr. Devon Porter, Mr. Ji Su, Ms. Rachel Su, Mr. Nick Sanchez, Mr. David Todd, Mr. Jeff Carter, Mr. Peter Ricci, Mr. Quinn Ricci Mr, Ken Scheyder, Ms. Lois Scheyder, Ms. Emily Scheyder, Mr. DJ Kovalchek, Mr. Bin Bao, Mr. Allan Coady, and Mr. OC.

Senior Patrol Leader: Henry Su.

Australia Is An Island Patrol: Theo Mattson, Jack Cambell, Luke Noble, Richy Zaloom, and Bennett Todd

Ballistic Narhals Patrol: Patrol Leader Alex Mattson, Michael Fairchild, Adam Silver, John Mitchell, Gavin Dederian, and Ansh Aggarwal

Webelos / Cub Scouts: Peter Silver and Reese Bio.

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