Recycling Know No’s: BBQ Edition

~ Submitted by Liz Antanavica – DPW Refuse & Recycling Administrator

School is out, the sun is shining and Summer is finally here. Backyard BBQs are a summertime staple – and they often come heavy on the clean-up. Make a few simple tweaks to your normal routine to reduce all that waste and be a smarter recycler.

Pre-planning for Less Waste

Make sure a recycling bin is accessible (right next to the trash can is best) and choose readily recycling packaging. Juice boxes and pouches are not recyclable, so choose a plastic bottle instead.

Choose Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum

For adult beverages, choose aluminum cans; with a high recovery rate and strong demand in the commodities market, aluminum cans are a smart choice for your cookout. Did you know that making a new can from recycled aluminum uses 95% less energy than making the same can from raw materials. Almost everyone understands that aluminum is recyclable, too.

Avoid Single-use Items When Possible

It’s tempting to reach for the paper plates and napkins. Plastic forks and Solo cups make clean-up easier. Unfortunately, those items are not recyclable and are destined for the trash. Try swapping out just one single use item for reusable at your next get-together. Small changes add up to a big collective impact toward reducing our waste.

Consider Composting

Food waste accounts for nearly 40% of household trash volume. Consider composting food waste instead of adding another bag to your trash cart. Composting is easier than you may think. Learn about the different methods here:

No matter where you BBQ in Massachusetts, the recycling guidelines are the same.

Visit Recycle Smart MA to learn more and see which facility processes the recyclables in every Massachusetts community.

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